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I'm a brony otaku with a love for art, whether it be written or drawn, and I'm a softy for romance stories.

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In the works. · 7:08pm Feb 3rd, 2015

In the not so distant future of Equestria, friendship and harmony have become the staple of society with the founding of the School of Friendship by one Princess Twilight Sparkle. This era of peace is shared among all others, such as the griffon nation, the zebra tribes, and even the dragon clan. Yet this peace could not last for long as a darkness encroaches over the horizon, bringing with it nothing short of total war, something that the Princesses or the bearers of harmony can stop. But not all hope is lost, for fate has bestowed upon this world three special individuals, fighter in their own right. The one baring eyes of a crimson red, a swordsman with a dark past who's temper rivals that of even the dragon clan but is unmatched with a blade. The one with a mane of pure silver, a soldier with a tragic past who's cold demeanor could freeze Tartarus itself and his accuracy with a gun is beyond lethal. Finally, the one dressed with a sense of refinement, a man of both vice and virtue with a talent in a school of magic never before witnessed by pony kind.

Eyes of Crimson
Coming from a world infested by demons and other such evils, this swordsman is no stranger to conflict, and even less of a stranger to loss. Honing his skills with a blade, he vowed to eradicate all of demon kind so that no other's would have to suffer as he did, a promise he stayed true to the very end. Yet this man of honor and justice holds a secret, one that has defined him since birth and has cost him everything dear to his heart. How will this man of the sword fare in the magical world of Equestria, a world where demons don't exist, where friendship and harmony are the norm?
A Soul of Silver Metal
Having been born on the battlefield, this soldier has been raised by war and has been shaped by it, becoming less human and more machine. As a child he was trained in how to fight, taught how to handle and operate a rifle until the notion of using a gun became second nature for him. With each conflict his reflexes became sharper, with each kill his heart became colder, and with each injury he became less human and more machine. How will this soldier handle being in the magical world of Equestria where war is practically a foreign concept and peace is the state of life?
Of Vices and Virtues
When one is born and raised in a city of vices, where crime is the name of the game, you either learn how to play the game or you end up dead. For this young mobster that was easier then for most other's, thanks to both the fact that his father was an infamous Mob Boss and the fact he was gifted with rune magic. When his father died of an alleged 'heart attack' he took his place and became the youngest Mob Boss, a feat that took the city by storm. How will he deal with being in the magical world of Equestria, where virtue is more prevalent than vices, where crime is nearly none existent?

This will be largest story project on this site, and my most ambitious as this will be more or less a multi crossover of my own original design. Three vastly different character, in an Equestria that's similar but different than the original, and all of it divided into four arcs that will flow into each other seamlessly. This is a story that I will not stop working on until it is as close to perfection as I can get it, and who know, I might just make a sequel afterwards.
Either way, look forward to an epic tale full of adventure, romance, drama, tragedy, and good ole' fashion violence. It you want to contribute to the story in any way, whether it be with characters or ideas, just hit me up with a pm and we can see where things go from there.

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