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Pardon My Dust... · 3:10pm Jan 31st, 2015

Hello! Ladies and Germs. This is actually my first Blog...... Oh,Boy....

Now, I know the next chapter (and the sequel and prequel stories as a whole) are so far behind schedule that one can see that my little corner of Fimfiction has more cobwebs than an undiscovered Mayan temple in the middle of the Yucatan, or an IRS warehouse.......

Now I can say that the next part "Adagio" will be sent to editing on Sunday along with "Allegro".... (hopefully.....), now you maybe wondering why the massive delays?

Let's just say that last year was a bad year for me.

Now on a more positive note I have finally gotten an editor. The magnificent BucketHelm! (If he is still up for it.)

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