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    I am bad at keeping promises.

    Around mid-January of this year I told myself 'It's been 4 years, I need to get this story to a certain point before its anniversary.'

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    i'm alive?

    Lost the job,

    School again because class scheduling was fucked


    I don't even fucking know anymore . . .

    I swear to god, I'm actually working on the next chapter right now.

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"Holy shit, he's alive!" Also, Rewrites are Magic. · 3:33am Jan 31st, 2015

All I can say/write about the past two weeks would be: Fuck. My. Life. No, seriously, fuck it hard.

For those of you who read my last blog: Yeah, it went about as well as I thought it would . . . I got taken to an emergency room less than a full day after I started wearing that heart monitor. Basically when I got home from school that first afternoon the doctors who were live monitoring my heart rate, which is normally between 65 and 70, recorded it doing 216 for about 40 minutes. (I was so tired from class at the time that I barely noticed it.)

To make a long story short, I went to the local (or semi-local) E.R. and was transported to a hospital about three hours away, once there I spent the next near week getting the previous heart rhythm medication switched for a new one, that's going to kill me.

No, you read that right, it's going to kill me if I take it for a prolonged time (over a decade) I must be insane because this doesn't bother me that much, except that my doctor is content to leave me on this for life. I swear to whatever God may exist, that man is just trying to kill me now . . .

Let's move on from the depressing things, shall we? Okay, good.

In that last blog post I mentioned that I was still writing . . . this is partially true. I'd initially started to write the next chapter before the first E.R. visit and . . . well . . . that went straight to hell. Eventually I ended up just rereading the current chapters. After rereading them I came to the decision that I should redo them and make them a bit better, now that I'm back into writing and (hopefully) a bit better at it.

Basically, do you know/are you a good pre-reader/editor (,or two, two is good as well) that I could have give this new version to, to take a good look at?

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