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  • 232 weeks
    I should be writing, guys

    I'm just watching clips from Star Trek movies. I should be WRITING, but General Chang has such a magnetic personality.

    I'M MOTIVATED, I SWEAR! *Searches optimal Antiproton build for my new Vorgon Carrier*

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  • 234 weeks
    Saluting my brothers

    To those serving, and who have served. To those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and those willing. To those I served beside,and those serving abroad. My brothers and sisters in arms

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  • 236 weeks
    Rekindling my anime love

    I kinda have a new frame of mind on life. Just went to my latest doctor's appointment, and things are looking good. I'm even back in the gym full time (with a lot of lost ground, but thems the breaks!) and running again.

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  • 238 weeks
    Picture communication

    I have meme fever, I communicate mostly using pics

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  • 297 weeks
    Medical problems

    Hey guys and gals, update of horribleness. You all might be wondering why I've dropped off the face of the earth. Well, I am finally at a place where I am able to say. One month before my daughter was born (now 2 months old) I was diagnosed with CNS lymphoma. For those of you unaware, that's cancer that is currently attacking my spinal column. I haven't had much time to write because of how

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I got sick too · 4:36am Jan 30th, 2015

Wifey is finally better after over a MONTH of illness. It was horrible. Thankfully she is better now. In return, I am now sick. Well, I have been sick. I'm starting to get better enough to update this. DAMN THESE DISTRACTIONS SUCH AS MICROBIOLOGICAL BUTTHOLES! I want to write, the ideas hurt my brain when they are in there too long.

Getting better, sorry for the delays. The wait shortens.

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My mind read, 'The short waitens'

Oh my. :fluttershysad:

Get well and take the time you need to recover. :twilightsmile:

I hope you get well soon!:pinkiehappy:

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