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Ignore the new chapter. · 9:32am Jan 29th, 2015

Please ignore the new chapter that I accidently posted for my Deathstroke and Deadpool fic. A lot of stuff in that was OOC

I'll be honest, I've never gotten drunk in my life...Until now. I wrote some crappy shit and I hope that it didn't discourage anyone from reading it. I'm still piss assed drunk. This is a first time for me. Well I'm going to go sleep it off now.

(For the record I am NOT talking about the Prologue. I was sober when I wrote the Prologue. I'm talking about the glimpse of the future chapter.)

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Comments ( 3 )

I'd make a proper comment, but I have a bottle of Irish whiskey under my bed.

If you wrote that fic while drunk - GET DRUNK AND WRITE MORE :D

2755751 I was sober when I wrote the prologue. I'm talking about something else.

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