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Greetings, I am Merlos the Mad. I am a dabbler of both words and wizardry in my free time. I also invite you all to partake in my musings. Take care though, as they are the product of a madman.

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Hi guys! Been a while since last time, hadn't it? · 2:24pm Jan 28th, 2015

So, there's an upcoming Sweetie Belle update in 'Thunderstruck.' Gasp, I know, I'm amazed too.

Well I— Hm... honestly I thought I'd have more to say than that. See, this is why I don't blog more. I mean, I could talk about all the stuff I haven't posted, but that just makes me feel bad. And there's no sense in me repeating the same old drivel about updates and why I used to write so much more. I know why, it's because I didn't have the internet available when I started! I had to actually use my imagination to keep myself busy. Bah. Well I dunno, I guess I'll just wing it.

Sweetie Belle hasn't been on hiatus, not that you'd figure that judging by the updates, but I haven't been writing outlines for future updates either. But in the next chapter I do move the plot along nicely, I feel. I know I say this after every update—or it feels like it—but the story is half way through its run. As in, ten-ish more chapters to go? I'm not a huge fan of how I paced Thunderstruck, or a lot of my stories for that matter, but I'm really bad at planning. As in, I rarely ever do it, so things tend to come out like that when I write them.

I guess it's safe to say Sweetie's been getting a tune up, too, since I have been editing the old chapters a bit.

Thunderstruck when it first came up was kind of my 'silly fic' and I didn't edit it as much as my other stories. Although I say that, at the time I had improved my editing and writing know-how since most of the other stories were written, so they were all likely equally bad— er, I mean 'good'. Yeah, that's what I meant. :trixieshiftleft:

I'm sorry profusely for the wait, there won't be such long intervals between updates any longer, even if I haven't quite worked out how I'm going to make myself write again at a somewhat reasonable rate. I've perfected the art of 'not thinking about it' it seems. I'm sure at least a few of you are very familiar with that.

So, the update should be up tomorrowish? Optimistic as that claim might be I plan to stick with it. By George I used to write whole chapters in hours, not months! Phah, well, back to the story, there's more character development and some more big events, too. I worry about the pacing sometimes, but I think I can make it all fit. Make sure to let me know what you guys think. If any of you would be interested in asking questions about the story or me then feel free. I originally joined the fandom community just to talk with people, not write. I'm chatty like that.

And as for my other, bigger stories, yeee, I really need to hammer out details better. It's not really a secret but other than little, scattered note files around my computer I don't plan things out other than broad plot goals. I wing things update to update, and I used to justify that by saying hey it's my story I'll wing it and people will either like it or not! Well, that's still true, anyone that doesn't enjoy my drivel is welcomed to comment then toddle off and forget all about me, but gosh darnit now I like my own stories, too. Too much, because really all I do now is reread them and stare at my screen (when I am on fimfic, anyway.)

That does remind me, I rewrote the first chapter to The Mane Two : Contrail the other day! I'm happy with the changes and the results I made to it. The opening to the story always felt odd to me, because it's centered around both Dash and Applejack, but opens with only AJ. So, I added in Rainbow. If you guys do read that series of fics, please take a looksie and let me know if it's alright.

And back to Sweetie Bot, I apologize again for the wait, guys. I know there aren't that many alternative takes of the little filly bot on fimfic outside of her normal 'fake sister to Rarity' gig, and I wish I could've made this a better alternative than it is, but it will be a complete story one day! Honestly all of my stories will be, barring that I get hit by a car or eaten by a tyrannosaurus or something between then and now. Me, I'm banking of the T-rex being more likely...

Anyway, Sweetie's batteries are almost fully charged...

Bare with me a bit longer, and if you have any questions or thoughts feel free to ask away. I may or may not divulge answers. >.>

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Comments ( 17 )

Oh nice, I was starting to wonder about Thunderstruck. Nice to see it isn't dead. :rainbowkiss:

Hate to be that guy, but same goes for My Little Marriage, I hope? :pinkiesad2:


Hah, no unless it's labeled Hiatus none of my stories are in the 'maybe' zone. I am literally just a lazy sod. :/ I wanna write! But I'm used to either writing with people or talking to people about my plan. You know how lonely it is planning things in your head when you talk as much as me? Too lonely! I can't do it. So, I dunno, something's gotta change. I'm hoping either work or school or something might make me think enough about the stories for me to start again.

Ever consider chatting with others through messenger programs or the like? Or would you prefer hogtying someone to sit next to you to use as a sounding board?




Well I'm on skype, but I tried chatting with folks about my stories. It actually is very difficult to hold people's attention with your stories. :twilightsheepish: Or maybe it's just myself, I'm not sure, but I don't try much online because it is more difficult than in person, and I feel like I'm a bother.

Why not blog more about yourself and stuff you like, like I do? It's lots of fun and it really helps your fans to understand you.


But Merlos...that's not your job

It's theirs

*Sees blog post…*

“Who the heck is this guy?”

*Looks at story page…*

“Oh!... -“

*begins hyperventilating.*

Huh. I guess maybe I should go and read this fic... :rainbowwild:

(Need moar Mary, dammit! :twilightangry2:)

All of my :pinkiehappy:!

Hmm, while I'd love to talk to you while writing stories as well. You should see the types of conversations I have with the other people I edit for. Tangents are great. I do believe I sent you a contact request on Skype a while back you never replied to.


I've been getting a lot of spam requests lately! I'll speak at the person and request who they are, but if they don't answer I tend to block them, lol. What's your skype info so I can check?

Comment posted by Teslaponie deleted Feb 1st, 2015
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