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Real Life, and What Comes With It · 10:12pm Jan 27th, 2015

Hey, guys.

I apologize for my lack of voice recently in terms of news updates and and story updates. Last Friday I got a story into my head that I really liked and had planned on pumping out for the More Most Dangerous Game contest. Got a lot of words on paper, and was really excited to get ~15k words out in one week, as that would have been the largest speed write I've ever done.

But then I got blindsided last Monday.

My girlfriend of two and a half years broke up with me out of the blue, citing reasons that still don't make sense to me. Her answers to my questions of what it meant for us down the road were ambiguous, which leaves me in a deeper pit than a simple 'never again.'

I don't like drama. Never cared for it. Never will. I don't plan on sparking any of it, nor am I grasping for pity comments. But I need to find myself. I've never truly realized how wholly I had been attached to her, and now that I'm left without her, I have almost nothing to fall back on.

So I'm putting myself out there. Sitting at a computer doesn't help me cope. Staying active, staying physical, does.

I've joined an MMA club down the street. Shit hurts, but it's an undoubtedly productive and beneficial skill to own. It'll definitely help in the long run, whether she changes her mind or moves on, and I'm likewise forced to.

How this relates to you guys:

I'll be writing less. Well, more slowly, would be a better term for it. I just haven't really been able to sit down and be happy writing. I feel like my insistence on being alone to write rather than spending more time with her is a big contributing factor to her reasons, and that thought alone puts a sour taste in my mouth whenever I try and write something.

I'm still here. I'm still reading and laughing at people's comments and all the fandom shenanigans. Just, in diminished presence is all.

Updates as I pick myself up.


P.S. I'm not sure whether or not Kite will be up next or this Dangerous Game drop-out. If I'm going to write here in the near future, it'll be something that makes me happy and flows easily. Currently, Kite isn't in that situation. Sorry to those waiting for that one.

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Well, that's never fun. Best of luck.

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