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Being An Armenian Socialist In A Nutshell · 4:37pm Jan 27th, 2015


Fascsts think we're trying to spread perversion through Freud's ideas, even though communist states rejected Freud due to his bourgeois ideas and upheld the straight cis working class man and the prime example of the worker. :facehoof:

Libertarians aren't that far off really. The only problem is that they'll be outnumbered as fuck when the uprising comes. :pinkiecrazy:

Conservatives believe in a really stupid Marxist professor theory, which even though teachers may call them selves Marxists, in actual practice their "radical" ideas are pretty moderate by global standards. This is due to America being too far to the right to the point where supporting LGBT rights or a small healthcare system is "evul communism" while it's a no brainier for global moderates.

"What I Americans Think I Do"...my patience has run dry at this point. I don't even care if it's a non socialist attack. The whole "evil guy from the East" is racist as fuck to me and a bunch of other guys from ex soviet bloc nations, but if Americans think we're evil, we'll give them evil. There more you call one a monster, the more likely he will become one. American communists aren't worth saving either...they're admittedly annoying.

When I imagine socialism, I imagine powerful armies purging reactionary scum. This idea of communists being peaceful hippies is redundant and even contradicts the other stereotypes of us wanting to overrun America. Which is it?

What I really do however, is lecture why reactionary anti socialist rhetoric is bullshit and that they're just spewing straw man and inconsistent stereotypes to sooth their pitiful egos. Helps that many of my opponents don't study econ or politics because "evil Marxist professors". Bitch please, my teachers are centrist that vote Canadian Lib Dem or center right. Although being a moderate in Canada is the same as being a neo soviet in America.

I'm bored at the time of this writing.

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Meh. I'm a right-winger, but you have a point. Here in Canada, even the Conservative Party is Liberal. I personally couldn't care less, as long as they don't force it on me.

People have a tendency to force views on others. Regardless of politics it seems. It's been happening since primitive and monarchy. I'm even sure it could happen under.....anarchy. kek

2750810 Anarchy is the most retarded "government" policy I've ever heard of. It's the rule of the strong more than anything else.

It's social Darwinism to the logical extreme right?

2750824 Basically. I don't know how any one can believe that justice can occur in a system without order. All anarchy is exploitation and a total lack of law.

I wouldn't say it's because humans are evil though, but only because the few misanthropes and evil doers that hate us would be given free reign at do their exploits at the expense of our species. Basically what you said.

I'm a socialist, and I simply say; I do not care what you do, as long as the majority and the poor benefits from it.

2750834 There will always be the unjust. But the just will prevail. It's the only possible outcome.

True words have never been spoken comrade.

i dont much care for politics, its far to complicated for something that should be comparitavely simple.

You might not care about politics, but politics cares about you.


i totally agree, it just needs to be a little simpler. most of what is considered shouldnt take as long as it does for a decision, least in the states anyway.

Pretty much. More transparency, the better.

Yeah, not an anarchist myself, but their rationalization is pretty pro human eh?

2948228 I know that m8, it's just compared to how you normally speak about it when talking to me and other materials concerning it that you have shown to me, what you said here surprised me a bit.

Bruh, trots and ancoms might clash, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Even if I have to "Kronsdat" you, I luv ya man...

Also, why do you keep following me, unfollowing me? Lel

2948527 I don't mind trots a lot, but I am worried about those damned primitivists tho, possibly even more so than the 'an'cap menace.

To answer your question, I do nothing of the sort. I mean, how dare you even :)

Primivists are just a fringe movement, so no need to worry mate. If they join forces with the an caps to create this romantic neo feudal society copied off of ponyville, oh shit.

2948950 Primitivism seems to be a growing trend worryingly enough. There are a few anarchist websites and yt channels that house quite a bit of 'anti-civ' thinking. I've even seen small groups of protestors chanting ecofascist rhetoric, though this is thankfully rare.

Ecofascim? Scary with the rise of fascist neo paganism as well.

2949255 Neo paganism :'D

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