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  • 348 weeks
    Griffinstone (some spoilers)

    *watches episode*

    Meh, I like Griffinhiem and Victoria better.

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  • 348 weeks
    Earth chapter

    Okay, I'm currently taking a break from the main story before I start Book 2. However, I am doing extra chapters, I have a few ideas in the works, but I also have a question.

    If I do a chapter from the view of someone back on Earth, who do you want it to be?

    I have a list to help narrow it down, but feel free to suggest others

    Ghetsis sorry, forgot he was crazy

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  • 351 weeks

    Okay, a lot of you have been pointing out that I haven't marked A New World as complete yet, and well... here's the thing, I was going to publish Book 2 under the same story, just... time skipped. I have... several reasons for this... but what do you guys think? Relabel some chapters and continue posting under A New World, or make a new story for Book 2?

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  • 353 weeks
    You guys were right

    I just got denied by EQD again. Judging from the comments on my last blog, I guess I failed at everything else to make the premise useless...

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  • 353 weeks
    Here we go again

    I just submitted A New World to Equestria Daily for the second time, fingers crossed that they accept it this time.

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The Fox · 6:39am Jan 26th, 2015

Okay so I realized I wasn't too happy with how the whole Phantom Thief Fox thing ended, so I went back, followed the suggestion of a rather helpful commentor named shirotora, rewrote the ending of 56, as well as anything pertaining to it in 57... tell me what you think.

Report zeusdemigod131 · 553 views · Story: A New World, a New Way ·
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I personally think that if the Fox is really as skilled as they say, she wouldn't fall for such a simple trick.

I wanted to do that, but then I'd get flack for making her a sue, and being a dick, and all that other crap I wasn't interested in dealing with. Sides, at the end she knew, but decided to let it slide.

2748060 She still got to it. How does it make her a 'sue' for being able to tell a copy or a fake if she's already proven she could've got to it?

no idea, but some people are just soooo irrational about it, I didn't feel like grating my nerves further

2748105 So why give in to it? Now people like me are grating you about changing it.
I just realized what I just said. Sorry. I'll end this discussion now.

its okay. For all its worth, this new scene helped me figure out a plot point that I was mulling over. So its all good

SO, shiro does this once again. (He was the author of one of the first story I was reading on this site. Let's say I will remember that nickname for eternity) Still I'd like to know what's up with his stories, I know You are working on the collab. But there are other that would love to get some more attention.

I'll admit that this version is better. I tried to make this point a while back on the ask fox thread but I started to sound like a troll. Fox has no experience with magic. She'd do good against any random unicorn and ok against the other alicorns.

Twilight however is an alicorn, the Element of magic, her destiny is to be talented in magic, is a mathematical/scientific genius, and is effectively the princess of magic.

Both Twilight and Fox are kinda op but in this situation Fox's inexperience with magic cost her the win.

2748100 The simple answer is, magic and expectation. First, the Fax has no experience with magic. The decoy could literally be flawless, only for the spell to fade shortly after it's taken. Second, the fact that it's such a simple trick is exactly why it would work. The Fox expects a big, elaborate plan to thwart her. Since she's so focused on seeing this elaborate plot, she overlooks the simple ones. As skilled as the Fox is, she's still just human (in mind). Also, hubris could have played a part. Perhaps she was feeling a bit arrogant after the crown jewels.

2748365 I'm working on them. I'm putting most of my focus on the collab right now, trying to get it ready for the (hopeful) Valentine's Day release, but I'm still putting some into the others.

Honestly not a bad angle to pursue

2748731 It's the way the ninja did it. They didn't hide in the shadows like Hollywood likes to show, but in the open. They would be disguised as a gardener pruning the hedges, or servant serving tea. They were 'invisible' because they were 'ordinary', like a book on a bookshelf.

I like it, I really like it, good job Zeus!

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