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I write the countless and troublesome story worlds that I see in my mind for you're enjoyment, mostly to just make them stop! GTFO out if my brain and onto the site! *SMACK*

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    Quill's Reviews #1 : Annoyingitis

    Annoyingitis, By PixelMoon.
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    Commissions Open

    Commissions are open.

    Prices are here and on my page. $7-$10, clop I will do. Reply here or PM me details if you have a request.

    Pay via paypal.

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    I'm really In over my head at the moment, I'm still gonna write but I feel I can only handle one story at a time and I have several unfinished published stories I still need to work on. I'm gonna unpublish the ones still not done and fix them one at a time. They aren't gonna die, they will be republished at a later date (hopefully more improved in terms of grammar) and with some extra chapter(s).

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    Runaway Bride

    For all followers and/or general readers. Runaway Queen is getting a sequel and it will (hopefully) be out soon. For the curious I've posted an instagram link to a snapshot of what I've written. Please like and follow as well.


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To Anyone Who Cares · 9:23pm Jan 22nd, 2015

If any of you remember my first fan... Er fimfic Fallout Equestria Pre-War Nobody (you may post hate comments now) then for the ones who cared about it wile rewriting it I felt I needed to tell how this happened, therefore I will post his story of immortality soon... Hopefully. And fore the people who hated because of grammar I've gotten better, also for the ones who raged on the... Other details (stable zero) that won't be an issue this rewrite.

And fore the record yes I made Bio and many of you thought he was my personal Oc, that he is not! So I changed my account name to BioQuill, plus it sounds nicer.

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