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Life, would you kindly stop throwing me under a damn bus? · 11:27pm Jan 14th, 2015

*The motion of dragging one's hands down their face.*

Okay, so I've never mentioned in on site (I've never had reason to.), but I have a group of rarer heart defects the names of which I can't currently remember. (They're probably really long and hard to type anyways.)

Anyways as a result of these I'd had a surgery done when I was around eleven years old to replace a heart valve. This surgery led to some complications. These complications were things like throwing my heart into weird rhythms, giving me extra heart beats, and occasionally dropping some of the regular ones. All things considered, life had been going pretty good, the key word being had.

As of about two weeks ago another problem started to show: My heart rate, which would normally average at about 65 or so, started to spike to somewhere between 80 and 120 at random intervals for basically no discernible reason. The first time it did this, I didn't entirely notice. I'd been eating a lot food a few minutes before hand, and assumed it was my stomach getting back at me for it. The second time however, that one lasted for about an hour and I ended up walking into my living room, sweating bullets, and telling my parents that I was feeling sick. They saw me, and promptly took me to the local E.R.

After my visit my cardiologist (Yeah, I have one dedicated to me, I know it's weird.) decided to up the dosage on one of my newer heart rhythm medications. Quite frankly it didn't work. In hindsight, it might have worked better if my pharmacist had gotten the dosage right when we originally sent the prescription in, but they didn't and it took us a week to realize it.

Now all of this could be easily taken care of if I didn't have the most incompetent doctors . . . If a child(I'm not 18, therefore I'm still technically a child) shows signs of what could possibly be life threatening arrhythmia, what should a smart doctor do? One would think the answer would be to have them admitted for at least a week so that they could monitor them in a safe location. (I'll freely admit that the idea of that annoys me beyond reason, but I understand it.) Their idea however, was to send me home with a heart monitor for the next thirty days and hope that this doesn't become fatal.

*The motion of dragging one's hands down their face.*

Basically my life is going "fuck you!" again . . .

EDIT: Still writing though, I've got nothing better to do for the next month or so.

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that awful I hope you feel better soon

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