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Hello! I am a depressing girl with an odd love of miniature equines and Homestuck. I have a crippling addiction to Anime, but other than that I'm somewhat sane!

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    A friend who needs love.

    Ok, I have no clue what to say here. Everyone knows Blue Ice Tales, right? So he is fricking thinking me thoughts minus suicide, and has changed his name to 000. Just go look him up, read his latest blog. Comment, make him understand. We care. Oh, and dont read my comment.

    Zel for da win...

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  • 454 weeks
    Since I absolutley must do something stupid, I shalt use DRAGON SLAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Betcha none of ya know what this is from.

    *presses fingers to forehead and begins*

    Darkness beyond twilight
    Crimson beyond the blood that flows
    Buried in the stream of Time is where your power grows.
    I pledge myself to conquer all the foes who stand
    Befoew this mighty power bestowed in my unworthy hand.

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    Ask me aything!

    Ask me anything other than personal info, including phone number. A, K, and I, AK the Triforce of weirdness(for now) will answer. If you have a question for a specific one of us, I am the Triforce of Time, K of Roness, and A of fandomness. Simply refer to the one you ask as A, K, Crystal, or our triforce names. If you do not state whom you ask, I will have one of us randomly anwer.

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    A bio of myself, as told by A, K, and I.

    Welp, A and K are here, and decided to put up a bio blog post. I begged them to not, but they are letting mehelp.

    A: Her name is unknown, but everyone calls her Crystal, wich is the name of all her OCs. Original much?
    K: *is glaring at A* We know her name! Its T-*I just interupted her typing* Bad K!

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My old new friend... · 11:22pm Jan 14th, 2015

So, I knew this kid for four years, right? Then they up and move without telling me. We were best friends. And she just left. What happened to the hours playing Wii games? Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been the best thing I have played on nintendo other tha Kid icarus uprising, and it was our game. I sunk like ten hours into that Wii wth her everyday, haven't played it as much since. I just stuck to 3DS. We would have honest conversations, stay up talking about girly stuff. She is who orignally introduced me to Gravity Falls. So today wen I had to leae briefly when I sobbed duringthe assembly, se saw me. Apperantly she had just transferred when the semester started, and was in my grade but a diferent class. I never interact with other class peoples never saw her. She saw me, and came up and suddenly MabelPied my ears. Thta is to say, she suddenly ran up to me and started yellling words at me. We talked, and talked. She is mad because she is a sworn enemy of bros, had been the day I last saw her. We swore that We wuld never become bros, then I didn't see her until today. I introduced her to K, the one who converted me to a bro. They hit it off sorta. Thy had some breif difficulties. Anyways, this brings my friend count from real life to two! YAY! Now I need to tell them about friendship better. They are still kinda mad at each other due to sworn enemies. I planned a slumber party tonight, and everyone is confused because I am acting like a normal teenaged girl! Everyone was excited. I am too. We are gonna do fun stuff, including a three wa game of Brawl. Its time to introduce K to it. *squee*


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I am glad you are happy. Good friends, huh?

Well have a good slumber party.

Nice to see you're making friends. Have a good slumber party!

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