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My favorites are cute things and video games!! Praying for a cuter future.

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  • 48 weeks
    man i used to be a real piece of shit on here

    why did anyone put up with this shit lol

    sorry to anyone who i ever made feel like shit or anything like that, not that too many people even remember who i was. if you're wondering who i am i'm Poultron, a real old mod who aint on here no more

    cant believe the stuff i would say in public

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    Spring (Winter?) Cleaning

    I'm gonna randomly go through old posts/comments/blogs and probably prune some stuff. I've grown and changed a lot as a person and frankly readin' some of my old posts makes me go "man that person sure does stink!!" Sorry to anyone I was ever rude to. This place taught me a lot about how to be kinder and articulate myself better when dealing with administrative issues. Sometimes I miss it! If

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    Man remember when we had Favorites AND Tracking?

    I hear that some people are still mad about that.

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  • 436 weeks
    good riddents knighty

    now that he is gone i can make some real change's around here

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New Friendship is Witchcraft episode is up! · 1:43am Jul 1st, 2012


>fun fact: I perform the least important job of subtitling each episode. I haven't had time to do them yet though since it just went up.

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Comments ( 23 )

It seems to have failed to link? Meh. Anyway, I saw. Still haven't watched it, but I will soon.

I completely forgot how the YouTube links work, woops. I've been up for 24 hours. fixed now

sneaky sneaky.person deleting my comments

didn't need it embedded twice haha

Huh, I didn't know you worked on FiW. That's pretty cool.

I can't wait to check this out when I'm not on my phone... hoping there's a new song.

bout time i have been looking forward to this

:moustache: Well your Late.

205321 Poultron's late what? :rainbowhuh:

205335 to the fact that the episode was up on youtube hours ago and people have been blowing about how nice it is.
Hell. I was the one who submitted it to EqD.:moustache:

I for one enjoy FiW. Thank you, Poultron.

Well that's okay, I mean I already had you on my list of people with no taste.

205304 Why does this end like the movie Iron Giant?(Which was also made with the help of Lauren Faust)

lol so wait you never even watched it before? cool opinion dude

>and I know that going into an abridged series not wanting to laugh was as biased as one can be

this is basically why you didnt laugh. enjoy your shitty and wrong opinion, bad taste man

oh and BTW jenny's rarity was appalling in this ep. dont know what the fuck happened

uh that series is atrocious

it's completely the opposite way around

holy shit you're retarded. dont post on my page anymore


this kind of shit is why i hate this site. you're an idiot

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