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Patience is the key to winning any battle.

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  • 224 weeks
    I am once again leaving.

    I had some fun times on the site, those previous years when I was on here. I even had some fun rereading and finishing what had been in my favourites. Also good to see some of you are still active. I even considered just sticking around to read blogs, but I decided against it.

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  • 233 weeks
    Update - Current plan, cleaner slate

    I feel I must address some changes on my profile and state my current status.

    My Current Plan

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  • 233 weeks
    I'm back, perhaps

    Hello, everyone. I can't believe it's been two years since i've been off this site.

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  • 342 weeks
    I'll be leaving

    As for why, it's because of a few reasons.

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  • 348 weeks
    The best advice I think I could give

    It would be to just let your mind wander and let questions and information come to you. Just because you think you know something, doesn't mean it isn't unwise to review it.

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I may or may not be moving soon. · 11:04pm Jan 4th, 2015

I've decided to try and take up schooling again, to try and get a better career. I'd need to move in order to do so, though, and if I do, I might not have internet for a while where I go. This is still undecided, so it's not a definite thing, but i'm throwing this out there in case i'm off for some time and anyone actually bothers to wonder where i've gone.

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:fluttercry: I will cry every night you are away from us.

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