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CvBrony here, you can call me Cv ("cee vee"). My wife poked me hard enough to try the show, and a bit later, here I am. Now with Patreon!

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    Chapter will be delayed a bit

    Hopefully just a few days to a week. I've got some new writing tricks that should help things go faster, so wish me luck on that!

    Thanks again so much for sticking with me!


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    Going to need more time

    November was not as productive as I would have hoped, sadly. Still working on stuff, but early feedback on chap 94 has been positive so I hope you guys will like what I have when it hits. :)

    Thanks again for sticking with me!

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    Chapter Delay

    Yup, another delay. Shouldn't be too terribly long, though. Few days, week tops.

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    Chapter Delay

    Hey folks!

    I'm real sorry about this, but I'm going to have to delay the coming chapter a bit. I wasn't completely lazy this month (just busy), so it shouldn't take too long to catch up. A few days to a week tops.

    Thanks again for sticking with me!


    P.S. What is this "sleep schedule" thing you speak of?

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    Chapter delay

    So, bad news. There's no getting around it, I need more time for the next chapter. I just couldn't get much writing done this month because a little bit into it I got incredibly sick and could not speak to write. My voice *still* isn't back to normal yet.

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Rites has updated! · 1:23am Jan 3rd, 2015

New chapter is up!

Remember, Patreon people who are in the rewards category, contact me on Patreon or FimFic so I can arrange access to your sneak peek once that goes live in a couple days!

I hope you all like it! Feedback from pre-readers on this mission was very good, so I have high hopes. No new words today, though, as my throat was too sore, but I am working on editing. I did manage to pull 2500 new words on the original work yesterday, however, and I've added a counter for the original work on my user page for those who are interested.

So, yeah. Chapter! Horse words! Readings! :)


Report CvBrony · 288 views · Story: Rites of Ascension ·
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Comments ( 10 )

Question on the Patreon, does it automatically deduct from my account? I need to know so I can make sure my bits get to you :twilightsmile:


It should automatically charge your payment method each time I post a chapter, up to your monthly maximum.

2696817 Ok, and I have confirmed which account, and that I have set no cap

That's not how they do it, actually. The patron is charged on the first of each month, all as one aggregated charge that covers all monthly and all per content release pledges for the prior month, which cuts down on transaction fees (for a credit card: $0.30 + 2.1%; for paypal: $0.05 + 5%). When you post a chapter, all of your patrons will get a pending pledge on their account, which can be edited or deleted (which will remove access to rewards if applicable) until the payments are processed on the first of the month.

2696955 I... did not know that. I shall adjust my plans. Folks still need to get in touch if they want the sneak peek, though. ;)

I have a question that I was thinking about while reading the new chapter: when you're dictating to write, do you find yourself... Voice acting a bit? I don't know how to put it. When you're writing dialogue, do you find yourself speaking in that particular character's voice? Or is it no different from the rest of the text?

I really wish I could donate on Patreon. But alas, I am both young and broke. Still, thanks for the new chapter!

2697291 I... do "voice act" a bit when doing dialogue X) I admit it. And I'm terrible at it.

Hey, if it helps you get more into the characters more... in character, then I'd say it's a good thing! it also provides me a hilarious mental image

2696955 2696969
Also, for the record, "charged on the first" is technically a bit misleading, as it seems to take them time to charge all of the patrons. Here we are on the third of the month, and 45% of mine are still "pending" :rainbowhuh:

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