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Happy Holidays · 5:09pm Dec 25th, 2014

Hi guys. Hope festivations are going well for you all.

Just popping my head in to say thanks for watching. I wish I had the time and motivation to write more because I keep getting new ideas. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to spread myself out too thin. On top of writing, in the last year I've been doing a lot of drawing, trying to start a webcomic, got into game testing, battening down a farm for winter, fiddling around with composing music, and got a new job as a chef.

When 2015 comes around, I'm going to focus on smaller chapters that I can finish and release more frequently. I hope that's alright.

So, tell me how all of your holidays are going! Did you get/give any good gifts? Have any laughs? Please share if you did!

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Happy Hearth's Warming! :twilightsmile:

Hot dang, you sound busy! This has been a pretty good Christmas so far! Got to meet my first niece this week, and now we've all headed up to Chicago to see la familia. How's your Christmas been, dude?

Been nice. Some ups and downs, happy times and awkwardness, and fluffy dogs of various sizes.

Short, fast chapters do seem to be the way to go if you're going to be doing all that. As long as you still keep thee quality of storytelling that we all love, then it's all the same, really.
I hate to be a bother about it, but is there any ETA you can give on the Room 213 finale?
And as far as gifts go, I think the Alienware Computer that we all pitched in to get my little bro was pretty satisfying.
Happy Decemberween!!

(P.S. I hate to be a bother about it, but is there any ETA you can give on the Room 213 finale?)

Well, there's a couple...

Kind of, sorta...

There's was...


Hell with it, New Year's.

2679558 Yeah, sounds about right for Christmas. Having the family together can get a bit crazy (and in pretty much every way imaginable, too XD).

Oh, and as for Room 213, don't worry about updating it if you don't want to. Christmas is meant to be enjoyed, and it already sounds like you've got a butt load on your plate, so don't let it loom over you if y'all really don't wanna work on it.

Yeah, I'm afraid I'm going to have to go back on that one. There's always something.

I'll try to get it to my editor as soon as I can.

2685690 we will wait, Whirring. We will wait.

I'm sorry. There are small, regular bits of progress being made, but I'm falling into the same problem as I did with Please Don't Say Yes. I look over what I write and think, "Is this right? Is this good?"

I'd like to see if I can find anyone willing to help me stay on track to finish.

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