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Hey everypony! New to the whole 'open' scene of ponies, as I have been lurking since mid season 2.

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  • 299 weeks
    Latex Gilded Cage, New chapter off ot editor

    As the title says, the new chapter is off to the editor. So perhaps in a day or two I'll have it back and ready to post.

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  • 301 weeks
    Scattered Achievements

    Well, as any writer could say, "I have written this year!" But unlike writers that can or do focus on 1 single story, I am sort of more scatter brained there. While yes, I have written quite a bit, but no, it wasn't so focused on anything in peticular.

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  • 318 weeks
    Been trying...

    Been trying to get a new chapter down... but things keep getting in the way, art, car repairs, I'm not motivated when I have time, I realized that I haven't been lazy enough... needless to say the list of things keeping me from writing is greater than writing.

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  • 346 weeks
    Been meh lately

    Been feeling crappy lately... started on the next chapter for Conflagration.... Haven't had the will to do anything with what I have lately

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  • 350 weeks
    More Asylum fan art

    This hasn't happened in the story, but still somewhat of a plausible situation, all things considered.
    I can't express how much I love this story, so I drewded fanarts


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Whut... · 5:53am Dec 24th, 2014

What happened to the banner?

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It got removed. Here's an article explaining it link

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