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I'm that kind of guy that started a rock band, and was the first one kicked out due to over playing the drums.

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  • 262 weeks
    Pegasus Feathers Spoiler #11

    Here's another song that inspired Vanilla Mocha for the ending! I am no longer co-writing the story, but I will post spoilers. Oh, and hi guys! Please don't take any of this the wrong way- I do miss you guys, but I don't have the time to be a fanfic author like I used to be. And don't worry- I'll still read the ones I'm tracking, just with Vanilla's account. Love you guys.

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  • 264 weeks

    In know I haven't been on fim in a long time... Sorry guys. Fanfic writing just isn't my thing anymore, so I won't be seen here that often. For those of you running my groups, can you please take charge? Please spread word of that to my followers because not a lot of people read my posts. Thank you guys- I'll miss you all. Goodbye.

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  • 268 weeks
    Pegasus Feathers Spoiler #10

    Here is the final part of this post!

    Here is "What Have You Done" by Within Temptation:

    The male singer represents Ryon.

    The female singer that sings the following is Scootaloo:

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    Pegasus Feathers Spoiler #9

    Drum roll, please...:

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  • 271 weeks
    Pegasus Feathers Spoiler #8

    Here is the second part of this post!

    I will now deeper explain the second song, Not Gonna Die, by Skillet.

    This is who represents who in my story that I am co-writing (Pegasus Feathers):

    Male singer= Ryon
    Female singer= Scootaloo

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Pegasus Feathers Spoiler #2 & Inspiration · 1:12am Dec 20th, 2014

This is a two-in-one. The inspiration is going to be a spoiler alert, because this part of the story hasn't happened yet. I was mostly inspired by music, and these three songs are what drove me to create the plot of the story (which currently hasn't happened yet, like I said.) They are in order from least to most inspiring for this story in particular.

I do NOT own any of these songs.

Here is Awake & Alive, by Skillet.

This song is Not Gonna Die also by Skillet. (This song inspired me for Ryon's character later on in my future chapter named "A Dying Legacy".)

And the one that inspired me the most: What Have You Done by Within Temptation. (To get past the long-ish intro music, fast forward this song to 25 seconds. Like above, this not only helped me shape Ryon's true character, but somepony else's as well.)

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What Have You Done is the best song. But then again, so is Awake and Alive. Not Gonna Die's the best-est. Did I already say What Have You Done was the best? Oh, I can't make up my mind. :ajbemused:

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