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    People should think why they Downvote a comment

    This just happened in a group blog i posted

    Okay this kinda ticks me off.

    Wild Stallion, someone who is on the opposite side of this discussion. Complamented me on not taking this blog down or blocking people. My response was as long as it remains civil no fear of that.


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    in a bit of a road blocc for thuis story. won't be abandoned but will work on other stories in the meantime till the block is gone

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Searching for Cover Art · 2:20am Dec 18th, 2014

Nightmare at CHS is out but I have yet to find a cover art suitable for it. Need a NMM without armor but doing something funny. If you know of one sent a link in the comments.

Or if you want make it and I'll give full credits for whoever does.

Thanks all!

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Comments ( 15 )

2747080 thanks but I referenced the first one in the Death To Nightmare story.

the others, not funny enough for me. but thanks for trying.

Thankfully the sequel to that one does have a cover art ready.

No problem, and sorry I couldn't find more. :fluttershysad:

So is it fun writing Luna regularly? I only ask because she's going to be a major player in my story going into the second act, and I'm really looking forward to getting to write her myself.

2747186 well it's more an altered NMM. Selene is a prankster to an even more extreme then Luna. But Luna is such an interesting character and how everyone portrays her. THe best pure NMM I like is Hei to Nightmare and the Best Luna, tie between Child In me and Rites of Asccension

Very cool. My Luna's going to be first showing up between Season 2 and Season 3. She'll be a lot more personable obviously than she was before "Luna Eclipsed", but she's going to be in a bit of a rut because some of her power's been curtailed since the Changeling invasion. In the story's canon (which is sharing quite a bit of canon with the Winningverse, including certain characters as well, namely the Kickers), Luna took a significant portion of Canterlot's forces away to their borders (and here I'm making it so that it was much more of a unilateral decision on her part, with Celestia trusting her judgment), just like in "Winning Pony", but since that was nearly disastrous for the city and Equestria, Celestia's since been hesitant to let her be too involved in such important matters of state (which she's doing partly as a protective big sister, and partly for Equestria's own sake), her logic being that she needs to be eased into rule again a bit more slowly than she was going before. It's a stretch by canon standards, I know, but it's got to work for my story as well.

Anyway, so Luna's gonna have some personal guilt as well, but at the same time she'll be champing at the bit because she wants to do more for Equestria. So when a certain somepony comes along who has a similar problem, Luna might uncharacteristically be moved to assist her given that she can relate to a certain extent to not being able to fulfill your full potential.

2747231 I think you will like Flare Luna, especially when she reveals her big secret.

Flare Luna? Who's that? :twilightsmile:

2747253 Luna in my Flare of the Twilight story

Ooooo, cool, will definitely have to check out at some point! :raritystarry:

2833324 A couple of those I can use but not for Nightmare at CHS, it needs to be funny. also that last one got cut out, link to the source?

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