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Captain Wuzz

\m/ I like the devil's music (and his beard). Hide your daughters etc. I mostly write Discord stuff, because nobody parties like a trickster god.

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  • 181 weeks
    Art commissions open

    Hey peeps,

    Hope you're all doing okay. Just a note to let you all know I've opened for commissions. Examples of my artwork (pony and otherwise) can be found here:


    If you're interested, hmu in DM or contact me under this post. :)

    Thanks for looking! <3

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  • 184 weeks

    So er...I haven't logged into this for like a year?

    So I only just saw all the requests in PM. I haven't deleted my stories entirely just made them private. If you like, I can set up a password so you can all read 'em.

    I'll do that tomorrow though because it's like 4am here and I'm super tired ! <3

    Edit: Also, holy shit.

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  • 245 weeks


    I've basically jumped ship for the Rick and Morty fandom.

    I figure I should just come clean that It'll be unlikely I'll spend more time here. Though you probably knew that from the 30+ weeks I haven't logged into here. :P

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  • 263 weeks
    I don't think writing's an option at the moment.

    Due to various things happening in my life, I don't feel the momentum to write. I have ideas, but no energy to put them to paper. Also, I personally think I haven't written anything all that interesting since Non-Entity, which wasn't my idea anyway.

    Read More

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  • 275 weeks
    Finale art

    So after watching the finale you will be unsurprised to hear that I drew a mountain of Fluttercord art.

    New stuff can be found here:


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Renewal of a Hobby · 8:48pm Dec 15th, 2014

So I know I'm new to this fanfic writing thing (well, semi-new. I wrote Disney's Hercules fanfic when I was 16, but never did again until now, and I'm in my thirties!) but while I'm happy with how Wanderlust is going, I'm kind of cringing at the first chapter a bit. I think it's the weakest of the lot, probably because I was trying to work out how to convey Discord's voice. It's also a bit rushed, so for that reason I may edit it to pad it out a bit. I welcome any constructive criticism on the matter.

I don't think it helped matters that shortly after posting the first chapter I got 4 downvotes, purely on the basis that Discord and Fluttershy are in the same story. How mature can you get? No matter which movie, TV series or book you are a fan of I find hardcore shippers ridiculous. These are cartoon ponies for goodness sakes! We are doing this for fun!

Ah well, that's just me I guess.

Hopefully I'm going to enjoy writing again as a hobby. Looking forward to it. :)

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One of us.


"Room for one more..."

Hopefully I'm going to enjoy writing again as a hobby. Looking forward to it. :)


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