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  • 244 weeks

    I really want to get re-involved into this community so baaaaaadly.
    It's been years!

    edit: it' 2019 now.....fuuuuuuuuuu-

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  • 321 weeks
    Real Busy for this whole time

    I've been doing a lot of stuff lately, I can see why people say they're busy all the time. I'm doing some stuff in DA as I'm enduring High School.
    Had some depressing moments here and there but I managed. I'm rather neutral now, just tired from doing all-nighters with studying and art commissions.

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  • 330 weeks
    Yay, I'm now called Oniichan

    Since I haven't updated in such a long time in anything, and this like a great excuse to at least do something here.

    Most of my activity has been done in DeviantArt, you can find me as the one and only MeowMadness.

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  • 350 weeks
    Reactions to Latest MLP episodes so far

    Cutie Map pt 1: oh....Auswitch
    Cutie Map pt2: Nevermind, welcome to North Korea

    Castle Sweet Castle: you fucked up the tree

    Bloom and Gloom: Confusion...

    Tanks for the Memories: scream and shout then cry.

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  • 354 weeks
    Another Toll

    Death#6: Keshon Brooks. A fellow freshmen who got repeatedly stabbed and died near my old middle school. Never knew as much but it caused huge things to happen at high school.

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Strange thing about me and my friends... · 5:31am Dec 10th, 2014

It's always so weird that only 2/5th's of my friends are straight. Or of how most of my friends always talked about sex like: if any of us are bottoms or tops (in sexual terms obviously), who still had an abundant supplies of condoms (which I need to resupply), or of our steamy moments with our exes or friends with benefits (especially how my friend always talked about the feelings of gay sex and how much fun he had with his ex...), or sometimes things about the inappropriate parts of our body (like the time my friends keep telling me I have a nice butt 0w0 ). For some funny reason, I'm either Meow and Hooker. My other friend decided to call me Meow Hooker. Sometimes, we compared of who is the...'sluttiest', so far Bud takes first (who had 10+ exes and slept with almost all of them, leaving me in 4th place. It's not fair, Bud's a girl). Yet they are the friends the friends I hang with...I need to tell them to stop grabbing my butt.

And they're saying I'M the sexual one of the bunch...

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Yeaaaah... I'm not allowed to grope my friends much anymore....

You can take my supply of condoms!


One question...

What brand are they?

Hmmm... I want to say trojan

hmmn, thought you have durex.

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