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I spend way too much time writing about writing, and way too little time actually writing.

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You know you've been on Fimfiction too long when... · 10:44pm Dec 5th, 2014

• You type out the codes for ponymotes instead of selecting them from the dropdown menu
• You constantly bitch about EQD, but you know in your heart you'd be jumping for joy if they ever accepted one of your stories
• You constantly bitch about the feature box and the Popular Stories column, but you read stories you've seen there all the time
• You don't even notice the clopfics in the feature box anymore
• The spelling of the word 'obsolescence' confuses you
• You have an intuitive grasp of what 'Lavender Unicorn Syndrome' means
• Your intuitive grasp somehow differs from everyone else's intuitive grasps, leading to heated arguments
• You've developed an elaborate moral philosophy around downvoting (starting with 'at least leave a comment')
• You don't see anything strange about reading hundreds of thousands of words – the equivalent of several long novels – in three days
• You don't remember the last time your Read Later list was empty
• You're first notified of the release of a new film or game by the flurry of pony crossover fics accompanying it
• You don't see fanfiction as a way to kill time between MLP seasons – you see new episodes as annoying distractions from fanfiction
• While watching a new episode, you can immediately predict which moments are going to spawn a ton of one-shots

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Comments ( 7 )

Are... are you me?

The struggle is real.

• You don't remember the last time your Read Later list was empty

I will never be able to say empty and read later together in a sentence ever again, unless sarcastically. :raritycry:

Truer words have never been typed.

Got one more:
You realize how long you've been a site member, and you die a little inside.

Seriously, I've been here a whole year and a half? What am I doing with my life?

I can relate to this far more than is healthy. :twilightoops:

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