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Kind of sad that this is my first blog post. · 3:35pm Dec 5th, 2014

I figure I should out this here for when I inevitably remove the version I already posted.

Soooo... Some of you may be wondering why I haven't updated this story since... Wow! March! That's more than three quarters of the year and that's terrible. The reason for this is that I thought reaching the villain of my dream would increase my drive to write but it seems to have only diminished it and I think I've finally figured it out.

Some of you may know that this story was never intended to be an extended universe that would be connecting with Fantastic Fillies and other things I have up my sleeve. It was only ever meant to be Pinkie as Spider-Pony versus Lizard-Fluttershy with maybe a sequel featuring Twilight as the Green Goblin. But a lot of the comments I received early on prompted me to look at other characters that could potentially be heroes. As time has gone on I've also delved deeper and deeper in to comic books and discovered an entire universe of characters and at the same time new pony characters were revealed that were perfect for certain parts, Maud Pie, AK Yearling and Suri Polomare to name a few.

I have so many ideas now, an entire Sinister Six, a complete set of Avengers, so many characters and even an a de facto team of my own concoction made up of the characters that are based on the Mane Six. But then there was Fluttershy, poor Fluttershy stuck as the Lizard and Twilight on the fast track to becoming Green Goblin due to a lack of foresight on my part. So here's what I'm going to do, I am going to tear down The Amazing Spider-Pony and rewrite it without Fluttershy as the Lizard. (As an author I am cursing myself for this) The biggest problem here will be rewriting the origin. Electro will be stepping up as the main villain of the story, Blueblood will be taking a back seat because without Fluttershy he doesn't have much to do as a character but he will be back in Daredevil. Twilight will still feature prominently and like the rest of the Mane 6 will be getting her own story later on. Octavia will be mostly unchanged.

I hope this doesn't turn too many people off of my writing, I assure you your patience will be rewarded. And for those of you who have stuck with me this long here's a quick list/reading order of what to expect in the future.

Amazing Spider-Pony
Fantastic Fillies
The Avengers
Wonder Mare
Doctor Strange
Amazing Spider-Pony 2
Miss Marvel
Princess of Thunder
Fantastic Fillies 2
Triumph and Torment

And that's just the beginning, please don't lose faith in me. I want to tell you all a good story and this is just a small speed-bump.

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Comments ( 3 )

I fully support this, but I think you should save the Avengers until after whatever heroes on the team have been introduced.

I was planning on giving each of the Avengers a nice, long chapter doing something by themselves first. Then a chapter uniting them against a common foe. I'm going for sort of a Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated series vibe.

2636189 Actually, no, that works fine. More power to ya. I loved that show.

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