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TD writes and reviews pony fanfiction, and has a serious RariJack addiction. Send help and/or ponies.

  • TAbandoned Sanctuary
    Fluttershy has returned to Sweet Apple Acres a week after the events of "Bats!" in order to check in on her new animal friends, only to find they have disappeared from their sanctuary, and Applejack won't tell her.
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Abandoned Sanctuary reading by The Lost Narrator · 8:19am Dec 4th, 2014

TheLostNarrator did a really great reading of my story Abandoned Sanctuary. I was impressed; the reading came complete with sound effects and different voices for the two characters. This is one of the best fanfic readings I've ever heard.

You can check it out on YouTube; Abandoned Sanctuary is one of my shortest stories, so the reading isn't terribly long. You should all take a listen if you enjoyed that story, or if you haven't read it yet:

It was really awesome of them to do out of the blue. Thanks to all those involved, not just TheLostNarrator, but Emogak and Ebony Tails as well. That was really great!

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