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  • 313 weeks
    Finally an update

    So... I finally updated Alicorn Blues. I'm terribly sorry about the long wait. Read it if you want, if not that's okay too.

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  • 345 weeks
    Kind of an update

    First thought: Never split the party!

    Chapter 7 is in editing with Chapter 8 in the works. I actually had almost three whole chapters done when I re-read them and thought "What the hell am I doing?" delete

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  • 375 weeks

    I updated the story finally!

    This one bugged me to the point where I had a hard time deciding on what to do with it for a long while. Then life intervened and stuff happened. Hooray for stuff. Hope you guys enjoy the chapter. If not, well I tried, right?

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  • 390 weeks
    Bad Luck

    I think this guy had it in spades.


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  • 394 weeks
    I wrote a thing

    First, let me say hello.

    With that out of the way let's move on to pegasi and Fo:E. Well, one pegasus in particular: Tiger Moth. Through the course of me attempting to cure writer's block, I ended up writing a thing with her in it and intended to continue it, at the time, but never did. Which is why Quest for Snack Cakes seems to end abruptly.

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Bad Luck · 9:25pm Dec 3rd, 2014

I think this guy had it in spades.


Right then. Time for a random thing. You ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong? Such as when your spray primer's nozzle decides to break and throw the paint all over your hand? What about sailing through a storm and getting thrown overboard, only to wake up on an beach as a minotaur?

No on the second one? Didn't think so. :raritywink:

To get to the point, I shall now say what it is. I have written a HiE fic set in an anthro world, and it does not contain clop. :pinkiegasp: What it does contain is a bumbling protagonist who spends more time frightening himself at what might be lurking in the shadows than actually punching manticores and saving ponies. And then the island decides to go all Silent Hill-style on him.

Not sure if Heresy or not.

As a note about the story, there are about 10,000 words in it before the ponies show up. So I'm not sure if I should wait and write some more into it before posting or post it sooner after some editing.

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