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Just a regular update from a simple writer · 8:24am Dec 1st, 2014

(This is not hugely important, this is just me ranting for a bit because it helps me get organized but you are welcome to read and leave your thoughts here as well.)

So as you all have noticed, I usually try to update at the very least once a month and i missed November. Well this is because family issues and Thanksgiving can make for some interesting times. If you have ever felt like you are in this really dark place or really awful time to be living in, then we share a common feeling. Things can really affect you and your creative process. Its weird, I normally can write no problem, its finding the time to do so that's usually the problem. I had time over Thanksgiving but due to said drama, I just could not get myself to write.

Well now that it is all over for now, and I should be ok for the next month or so at least, I think I am long over due to get some serious writing done. Or at least I wish I could say that if it weren't for two things. Finals being the biggest one. That's going to take a lot time from me. The other is Kingdom Hearts 2.5. People will not be seeing me for days because of that.

But there is some silver lining. I have a feeling that by playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts, I am going to more inspired than ever to write for Road to Twilight. So 2.5 may cause you to see a lot of updates in December. The chapters may be a bit shorter though as I want to get back to crossing over into other Equestria's but this current battle that is about to take place is kind of important. So in order to help keep me from going crazy of trying to make a long quality chapter, I will instead work on making just really awesome quality short chapters. But I plan on releasing a lot of them. Like a lot more than usual if possible. So hopefully this works. Anyways, sorry for the long blog here. Hope you all have a great December and all you Kingdom Hearts fans enjoy 2.5.

Hope to have some chapters out soon

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It's no problem, just take your time to properly sort out all the drama as if it's pushed aside too early or so nonchalantly, it can cause some problems later on. Only advice I can give to you sadly, hope things are working out better and good luck in your finals. Best get those out of the way before most things really.

No problem. Good luck with the next chapters.

Thanks. You guys are awesome. :twilightsmile:

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