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Good Evening! I am BackroundVoice, a like minded Brony with an appetite for writing. I hope you enjoy my story's as I try my best to entertain you. Lazy is my middle name and I really like to write.

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    New Story and Light Novel Contest

    Hey everypony, been a while.
    Well, I just came to say that if you’re interested I’ve begun co-writing a light novel for a contest over on Honeyfeed.
    It’s called Romantadox. And it’s about a trans dimensional girl named Ethel, and her alternate selves breaking the multiverse apart in order to save it, and her two best friends, Ame and Naoko.

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    Yo i’m Twitch streaming if you care to watch


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    The state of Twilight of Iron & The Symphony of Combat

    This is just a post to tell y'all what I've been up to.
    I know I haven't posted a new chapter for either of the stories above, but that is because I have been working on a book to be published. And as of right now, I have come to prefer releasing a large number of chapters at once if not the whole complete story.

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    Being Honest with y'all.

    Hello to the people who follow my work here on FiMfiction.
    I kinda wanted to write this to let you know where I am as an aspiring writer and just where I am as a human being in general.
    I love to write!
    And I really don't want to ever stop writing cool stories about my favorite MLP characters.

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  • 266 weeks
    Returned, and Ready to write.

    Whats up everypony!!

    BackroundVoice is back, and I'm ready to write!!!

    I will be releasing a new chapter of Void Walker pretty soon, and a few other stories I hope you'll like!

    As always I hope you stay classy and it's good to be back!!!

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Why won't the Universe let me Write!?!? · 2:54am Nov 28th, 2014

Nine hours in and I already hate loving this game.

11/10 Too much Mapping.

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Damn, I know how you feel... Games distract me all the time. Especially today since I wasn't interested in watching thanksgiving football

2620608 finally someone who understands me!

2621212 Lol xD. Still though, sometimes games give me inspiration to write. Some Ideas I have for stories are mostly crossover ideas

2621556 Ditto, I've never played Far Cry 4, but from just watching other people play it, it just makes me wanna take Apple Jack, and throw her into that setting.

2622398 I actually had the idea to do one off of Sunset Overdrive. I actually thought of a few weapon ideas based off of it.

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