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When slenderman left me in paradise chapter 1 - updated · 4:50am Jul 1st, 2012

Chapter one: not all that sane

Written by: Grimreaper2594

Edited by: Lego2112

Ok first let get to know each other ok? Good, I’m about 5’9 or so with brown hair, brown eyes, and I’m eighteen. Now first let me start off by saying I am in fact, a brony (the horror I know) second, and this is pretty important, I am most likely insane to some degree, for example this whole mess started when I went into my neighborhood forest to talk to slenderman. wipe that jackass look off your face, I said I was some-what insane didn’t I?

So the whole thing started when I had the overwhelming desire (again) to live in (drum roll please) Equestria, so instead of trudging my way through the day in a mope I decided to go for a walk in the woods.

Lucky me these woods are right across the street in some old guy’s back yard, ignoring the private property/beware of dog/trespassers will be shot signs I waltzed right in, It wasn’t like this was the first time I had been here, my cousins and I used to play in the creek down there all the time when we were little. So while walking about I began to wonder how slenderman got around so fast (No I don’t know why I thought of this, probably something to do with global warming/politics) so I came up with a hypothesis like this. Slenderman has NEVER been captured, so, I deduced he must have some way of escaping, throw in the fact that he had multiple black arms and that he moved around the world very quickly, that I figured it might have something to do with shadows, which don't know if you know this, happen to be black and exist everywhere on earth.

Shadow arms maybe? I don’t know but I figured hiding in the shadows and moving through them wasn’t too far fetch considering I was talking about the internet boogeyman. (Bet you’re still wondering what this has to do with cartoon ponies aren’t you?).

Anyway I began to wonder if he was nearby, so I did the stupidest thing I could do. Yep, I started looking for him. At first out of curiosity, then I thought to myself, if slenderman could move through shadows on earth, maybe he could move through dimensions suddenly BOOM idea time. If I could find him and convince him to take me to equestria then I might have an answer to all my problems. Unless of course he just wanted to kill me….. Oh well, risk versus rewards I suppose.

Half way through my mad search for a supernatural killer I felt a pressure on the inside of my skull, I don’t know how, but in that instant I knew he was nearby. So I did another super smart thing talking to him. “I was wondering if you were going to show up” I murmured, I didn’t expect I response and didn’t get one.

” Not even wondering why I came to look for you?” I said aloud.

“Not even slightly interested why something you normally hunt is looking for you?” I said as I was met with silence.

‘Great I ‘m probably imagining all of this’ I thought, and I would have continued thinking this had he not stepped out from behind a tree, well more like out of the tree I suppose, which would have been pretty fucking amazing had I not been scared shitless.

First thought through my mind ‘shit, this actually worked, hope he’s not pissed’. He got closer and closer, and as he approached me it took every ounce of willpower not to run away in terror like a vegan at a steakhouse.

Finally he was right in front of me, by this point I was really hoping that they had good food in heaven, because I was 90% sure I was done on this world, and without warning he placed his hand on my chest. Immediately I thought he was going to rip my heart out and let me watch it stop beating all Indiana Jones style. Instead I heard something begin talking inside my head, so I did the only logically thing and flipped right the fuck out.

I was sooooooo ready to run like a five year old, but I couldn’t move when I heard him speak, almost I was entranced by the fact that I was talking to motherfucking slenderman, such thought were put to the back of my mind however as he said

why do you seek me out?”. I have to admit, I was a little surprised that this is the first thing he said, I expected to hear something along the lines of 'Hi I’m your worst fucking nightmare and will now rip your skin off and devour your very soul'.

“Well mister I was kind of hoping that you could send me to the land of equestria, or maybe just point me in the right direction” I told him. For whatever fucking reason he fucking laughed, not a fucked up ‘you are about to die laugh’ more like a ‘no fucking way’ laugh. While I pondered what the actual fuck that meant he spoke yet again,

Let’s make a deal” he said, at this my ‘ABORT MAN ABORT’ sirens began screaming all kinds of hell-no to that, but I was intrigued, so I asked,

“What kind of deal?” as I said this there was no laughing, just a stone-cold silence in which he said,

You must live with my demons”. About this time my brain flat lined into a big pile of ‘what is this I don’t even…’

“What kind of demons are we talking about?” I couldn’t help but ask.

The ones that give me my power, but make me commit the atrocities i am known for” when he said that, I heard such deep, mournful sadness in his voice that I knew there was no way that he was lying, but even with that in mind, demons inside my head trying to control me were not exactly what I wanted at that moment.

“How many demons are we talking about here and what do they do?” I asked.

Well, about two hundred…

“200!!! I can barely handle the voices I already have in my head and you wanted to throw in a couple hundred more?!? NOPE SORRY NO DEAL!”

Well actually I only need you to take one” he said.

“Dear god I shouldn’t ask but what is so special about this one? Will he try to kill me in my sleep or just rape me?” I asked in a mock tone.

No” he said quietly “he is the one that forces my hand, the one that makes me kill and destroy; I can barely hold him back as we speak”.

I pondered to myself if he was always so bright and happy or if I was just this lucky
“Ok suppose I take this one demon, what do I get in return?” I asked

Well for starters you can go to equestria and have full control over shadows and darkness, as well as being able to change your form entirely, but there are down sides” he replied.

“Such as…?”

He will attempt to take hold of your body if you are feeling highly emotional, such as bouts of rage and anger, and while in control he will attempt kill those you hold dear, but a strong mind will could prevent such a thing from happening”.

I thought this over for quite some time, for instance, I had a load of pros such as going to ponyville, getting some kick-ass powers, and relieving slenderman of one of his burdens. But the cons were costly as well, the possibility of losing control and harming those that i cared for was such a high risk that I almost said no right away. I thought, and thought, and thought some more before I finally said “I accept these terms”

The relief coming off of him was palpable, and for once I was sure I had made the right choice, at least until I felt the demon enter my mind and body. The nicest way I can put it is I felt like I had been rolling in trash and then cleaned myself in a bath of acid, not a very pleasant feeling mind you.

[Well now, a new host? This should be interesting.] I sighed as I realized that I and it were going to be spending A LOT of time together.

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