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    Chapter ready; illustration desired.

    Anyone want to lend their skills? I'd be most appreciative!

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    A short chapter update blog post thingy.

    Chapter 24.
    Start date: 30th of April.
    Finish date: 3rd of November, submitted for editing on the 10th.
    Word count (subject to change): 9116

    Chapter 25.
    Start date: 15th of December.
    Finish date: 20th of December.
    Word count (subject to change): 7304

    Seriously contemplating starting chapter 26 already...

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    How long has it been...?

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    Chapter 18 news.

    It's actually very complete! Just needs art for it. Now, I had received word from paper pony around March that he was eager to participate again. I showed him the chapter, and he read it. He was pleased and enthusiastic!

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    Happy New Year!

    My hands are freezing, as I just came in from the chilly outside, having watched some fireworks. :pinkiehappy:

    Anyhow,, here's a sketch of a grimy and weary Rosy from our guest artist. :pinkiesmile:

    And here's something to celebrate the new year with! :twilightsmile:

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Chapter 17 is ready. Now we just have to wait patiently for the art. · 8:38am Nov 27th, 2014

However, I just learned that paper pony (the guy who produces the astonishing art we adore) was on a holiday for a few weeks with a friend, and have had only a few days to resume normal life, and that I should be patient. That's what his friend told me, not paper pony himself. Now, I don't want to stir up some unfounded rumors here, but this is the third time I was unable to reach paper pony by any other means than by contacting him through his friend, and it strikes me as odd that this friend replies faster than paper pony does. As of this writing, I have not received a response to an email I sent to paper pony last Sunday; his friend replied in less than 24 hours. Indeed, a dear friend of mine has wondered for a while why paper pony has become reclusive when he used to be easy to reach and outgoing. Substantiating this is that I have paper pony on my Skype contacts and we have had several conversations in the past, but nowadays, he never replies to any message I send, leading to the inference that he rarely, if ever, uses Skype anymore. Similarly, I sent him a friend request on Steam months ago, to no avail. I wish not to distrust paper pony, but it appears I must ask him a few important questions so that I can dispel the unfounded speculations floating inside my head.

Sorry for all that. I felt I needed to get it out of my system. Anyhow, let's hope our wait for the next chapter won't be excruciating.

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Comments ( 5 )

It would be a real shame to lose the awesome art that has been such an integral part of your story for so long.
Hopefully Paper Pony hasn't lost interest and is just busy...

Hmm, that sounds disturbingly familiar. Hopefully Paper Pony is not wrestling with depression like I was for over a year. :pinkiesad2:

Yay a new chapter will be up soon and it hasn't been half a year. This must be an early christmas miracle.
I wouldn't worry about Paper Pony not answearing. He have never answeared anything I've asked him. A coupple of years ago I asked him on DA if he maybe would be able to draw my avatar pony for me but he never answeared so I guessed he wouldn't do it but some months later a mail appeared in my inbox with the drawing of my avatar. However my reply I realised later came out sounding really rude and I was to ashamed to apologise at the time so that might be why he haven't answeared any of my comments since.

I truly hope he's just waiting or the weekend before getting his artistic skills into gear. But if the weekend goes without a sketch, much less any kind of communication, I may have to seriously ask for someone to fill in for him. The chapter simply can't wait forever.

I don't know what's going on in his life. Aside from moving to a new place of residence a few months back and a recent vacation, I have no idea what he's been up to. This lack of information is compounded by how difficult it has become to contact him. Again, I wish not to foster baseless speculation, but I feel there's more going on than he lets on.

Well, it might be miracle, considering I had three editors tackle the chapter at first, but only one stuck to the end. One became busy, but said they'd be back in business after a few weeks. Then they basically dropped of the face of the earth. Another kind of gave up halfway through, without actually saying so. Now if paper pony, well... He could have the courtesy of informing me instead of leaving me hanging. But I think I'm just painting devils on the walls, as the saying goes, and I should remain optimistic.

Paper pony's always been chipper and pleasant, and I've always done my best to reciprocate that attitude. As far as I know, never have I been rude to him. When I've spotted an error in a sketch or near-complete piece of art, I've been tactful and affable in pointing it out, and on a few occasions, have altered the script to match the image, as I've felt it's easier to change words than to change an image.

However, if I have been rude, inconsiderate, or otherwise upset or mistreated him, I would gladly prefer he tell me about it than put on a bright smile and pretend all is okay or isolate himself without an explanation.

that's exactly what it feels he have done to me. but well... I am not you. I am just some random internet user hwo once asked him about an Avatar.

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