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    The Trick to Success Begins!

    The chapters are not done yet, and publishing will be like a normal fic. BUT! I'm really excited about this story!

    Please check it out over here and leave a comment!

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    The Trick to Success' progress.

    Hey! I've been a lil quiet. right? I just want to let you know guys I haven't abandoned the fic.

    The beginning of the year was... weird, so to speak. After finishing The Shimmer of Magic, I didn't really know how to continue, y'know? I mean, one of the reasons I accepted to divide the story is because I didn't know just how to write it.

    I wasn't convinced about my own story anymore.

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    The Shimmer of Magic's end and sequel!

    Whoa, it's been almost three years since I started writing The Shimmer of Magic, and you've been really supportive. Thank you very much!

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    New Story coming soon!

    Does anyone even read these?

    If so, then I'm excited to say a new story is in the works right now! Like with Ruminating, it'll be a short story, but with more mature themes (No clop).

    And, no, it does not feature my OTP. But still, I believe you will like it, as I'm doing while writing it.

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    Sunset and Trixie's Mall Scene.

    Remember when I said that I asked a friend to draw a scene from the chapter where Sunset gets her new look with Trixie's help?

    Well, here it is!

    Also, next chapter is half written. Expect it soon-ish!

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Three days · 12:31am Nov 27th, 2014

It has been three days since I wrote my first sex fic in about 8 years. At first I wasn't very sure about it, since the idea just popped in my mind and I said "why not?".

It has been three days since I published it. And it already surpassed The Shimmer of Magic, which I've been writting since May of this year (and honestly, is my favorite one).

It has been three days, and I have no idea of how I feel about it.

As the year comes to its end, so does school period, and I've been quite busy with final projects and homework and exams and all that stuff. But once I'm on vacations, I'll try to write as much as possible, giving priority to The Shimmer of Magic, and who knows? I may even continue/finish Face the Unexpected. But there's this thing that's been in my mind since I published Apology Accepted...

While it was intended to be a one-shot only, I've been thinking on continuing it, given the feedback it has. I know it's mainly because it's a clopfic that has so much attention, but hey, I need to take these ideas out of my mind if I want to properly continue my other fics... So here's a question for any of you that might read this: Would you like to read more shameless and gross human clop from me?

Just note that if the overall answer is "yes", then I shall warn you that when it comes to writing sex, I prefer it to be more ahh 'common', so to speak. Like, barely no fetishes (toys are good... I guess)...

... Is it just me or it's getting colder with each passing day? Winter is coming...

... I need a break.

Love ya.

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I'very enjoyed "The Shimmer of Magic" story immensely, and "Appology Accepted" has quickly become my favorite clopfic (can we even call it that?) On this site. Mainly because; 1) it takes place the Human world, 2) it well written despite it's certain error (How does Sunset not know what a bra is, yet knows about panties?) And 3) its the first that involves consensual sex (I also prefer normal, common sex as well) between Sunset and Trixie that doesn't involve Twilight, as far as I'm concerned.

So yeah, I'm liking Shimmer Of Magic, but would not mind a continuation of Appology Accepted. But I've haven't read "Face the Unexpected" yet.

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