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Welcome, my friend! ...did you expect more?

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    Hey guys, guess what? I have a NEW STORY!! PLEASE check it out! :pinkiehappy:

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  • 295 weeks
    My Blog Posts...

    My blog post will be mostly poems that are ment to touch the heart. If it is not about an update for a story or a question, or something random, it will be a poem. Weather it is long or short, happy or sad, I do not know. It will be eather too, or fro.

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STORY TIMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE · 9:25pm Nov 22nd, 2014

Hey guys, guess what? I have a NEW STORY!! PLEASE check it out! :pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 21 )

I noticed. I shall read it, and give my honest oppinion about it :pinkiecrazy: I need coffee!!

2610421 you're welcome. oh, and I read your bio...canada. YAY. sorry, I say random things when I'm tired

2610425 No need to be sorry, I say random things ALL THE TIME!

2610491 purple rain... (no wait, that's a song)
cow shit window

2610495 I actually looked it up. Kuntucky fried chicken

2610526 ass bass...
(oh god, why?)

2610530 Past mast
(did ya like my story?)

2610535 I'm helping someone out with his art, and someone is helping me out with my gender, so I'm kinda busy

Banana mash

2610540 Okay. My relationship in two lines:

My bacon is crunchy, my eggs are full grown
Only got one plate because I'm ALL BUCKING ALONE

2610550 :rainbowlaugh: sorry. it's not good to laugh with it..
I know a dark joke.

dark humor is like a pair of legs
not everyone has it

2610564 :rainbowlaugh: I got to go eat dinner now, and you won, so be back soon!

2610567 okay man. have a nice meal.
then I might fall asleep (23:43 out here)

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