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Fresh-baked Ideas · 12:13pm Nov 15th, 2014

I mentioned in my previous blog how I'm always coming up with ideas, some of which are better than others. Well, it looks like I struck gold with my latest creation, Reformation Buddies. I'm seriously getting flashbacks of Hey Diddle Diddle, A Visit From Fiddle, and how that story was so well-received based on premise alone.

Since thanking you all individually will take forever (this seems to be a position I've been in a few times now), I'll just say it here. To all those who have favorited Reformation Buddies, I'm glad the prologue has your interest piqued, and I hope it continues to entertain you. :twilightsmile:

Edit: And now it made the Feature Box. Huzzah.


What, you expected more of a reaction from me? I never write with the Feature Box in mind. I just do this to have fun. :scootangel:

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Comments ( 2 )

I do hope it's not the only story you'll be focusing on for a while, as I hate stories that are based on misunderstandings.

2600814 Sorry. I don't usually like to work on more than one story at a time. Out of all of my ideas right now, Reformation Buddies was the most fleshed out, so I decided to do that one first. I might do some one-shots in-between if inspiration strikes, but that's a big if. :unsuresweetie:

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