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And For the Piece de Resistance... · 9:16pm Nov 9th, 2014

H'okay yah bonnie lads and lasses, here's the 411.

No post this weekend. Not sure why, but the feng shui has just not been right and I don't feel like launching the final story right now. Of course, I am nothing if not a gracious and merciful host, so I offer you a deal:

You give me this week, and I post twice a week from now until the end of the story which, given a biweekly pace for a story of that duration will probably be, oh, I don't know... February? Yes, I'm saying that even with double postings from here on out, it's gonna be literal months of non-stop Journey excitement. Are you excited? 'Cause I'm excited. Just how excited? Ask Maud.

Get pumped, folks, 'cause the Journey's coming to a close and it. Will. Be. Awesome.


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Comments ( 6 )

I'm scared...

You have one week. Make it count.

Can't wait!

I don't want it to end, so take your time.

I'm excited and sad at the same time for the final story. But I'm ecstatic that it is already written! :yay: And I can give you a week. You've given me hours of enjoyment with the other stories. Besides, now I have incentive to reread everything. :twilightsmile:

Sounds good J :pinkiesmile:.
Can't deny that I'm excited for it, it's easily my most anticipated fic but it also makes me quite sad as it's the end of the Journey I guess you could say I'm Sadcited :moustache:

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