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Why Discord isn't in Equestria Girls or Rainbow Rocks · 8:15pm Oct 30th, 2014

A lot of people were disappointed when this guy didn't show up in EQG or Rainbow Rocks.

Well, there a lot of reasons he didn't show up, so I'm going to explain them to you people.

1. Age
Discord is said to be 1,000+years old, so he would be technically dead in human form. Sure, Celestia is 1,000+ and Luna is just around 1,000, but they're more important than Discord. Don't get me wrong, I love him more than I like Tia, but he is just not important.

2. Shipping Matters.
It doesn't matter if you ship Fluttercord or not, this still is a major part of my presentation. If Discord's age was lowered to fit his human self, he would still be around 60-80 due to his appearance. Yes, it's true you get white hair when you're really stressed, but how the hell could a person who makes chocolate milk rain be stressed? Anyway, since Fluttershy is around 14-17, it would be illegal for an adult to be hanging around her so intimately. Think about it: A person pops out from around the corner, walks up to a female highschooler, and asks if she wants to come over for tea and cucumber sandwiches.. Yeah.. Just no. This also applies to Pinkiecord, Twicord, (No one ships these, I think, but) Raricord, Applecord, Rainbowcord..

3. His role.
Since Luna is already vice principal and Celestia is principal, Discord wouldn't really have a role. People say he can be a janitor, but someone with such high intellect would not be a janitor! My theory is that he would be a mad science teacher (since he is so jumbled up thanks to an accident), but I have no evidence to back it up.

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Strange enough all very valid points. However I for one would still not mind seeing discord in EG... If nothing else to see how the writers would portray him. That is just me, I am a huge discord fan and not just because he is voiced by John De Lancie. (I think I spelled his name right.) Anyway not the point regardless of what role he was given or even just a passing back ground figure I would not mind seeing how they manage to work the angle.

I would like to see him, too, but I just don't see it happening. Although, they did reference him in Rainbow Rocks when at the carnival and Fluttershy hit the mallet on the plushie form of him.

The reason he should be a janitor is a shout out to the infamous Scruffy, moderator of the /mlp/ channel on the 4chan image board, who picked his name from that janitor from the Simpsons. Rumored to be an all powerful insane tyrant ruining fun forever, banning quality content and granting stickies to shitposters, after an inexplicable total attitude shift that corresponded with the early throes of gamergate.

This is also the reason he should not be a janitor.

It's a Very Silly story

Where did you get the third picture?

Comment posted by Deathtrap64 deleted Jan 20th, 2019

The first one is nothing to me.

You got me on the second one.

Third...idk, janitor, scientist, chemistry teacher?

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