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What Happened? o_O · 2:15am Oct 23rd, 2014

So I came on here to write about how my wife is even more of a troll now a days.

What I found was that drunken blog of mine. So I showed it to my wife and what was her response?
"Oh? You're just now finding that?"

Apparently on the day I wrote this I didn't actually post this. Instead my wife comes home from her trip and found it un-posted on the computer. So my wonderful wife decided to do me a favor and hit the post button for me.

To add to the story the day after I woke up to a note next to the bed that said: "Your keys, wallet, glasses are all in your girl cave with a cup of water for you. ~Love The Bitch that said yes."

She really did sign it that way and girl cave is referring to my office. I would argue with her about calling that but having sailor moon, ponies, and other things normally marketed to young ladies hanging in my office puts me at a disadvantage.

Now I have never said this but I'm borderline blind. My glasses are about 1.2 inches....I'm not exaggerating here. I have made rainbows on the floor with them. (Look it up rainbows and prisms if you don't get it.) So getting up and walking to my office is difficult without my contacts or glasses. Luckily I have my house memorized. This didn't help this time.

I stepped and trip on so many things that I almost got lost in my own home.

I finally and painfully made it to my desk. Putting on my glasses and grabbing the cup of water I made it back to my room. Only to find that my wife had left me a maze of baby toys, furniture, and anything else I would bang my knees on. I'm so blind I didn't see any of it till I got my glasses on.

"Damn it gorgeous. " I said out loud before taking a gulp of the water she left me.

Which I immediately spat out and started coughing up the vodka she put in the cup.

My wife the troll.

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Comments ( 8 )

Hahahaha. Sounds to me like you got yourself a good one.

I'm going to assume everything is a really, really fuzzy blur?


2550804 no not at all

I meant without your glasses.

So, how much can you see without glasses? Colors? shapes? distance?


2552147 colors and a little distance

Your wife is like the best wife ever.

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