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The odds are 1-in-365 · 8:47am Oct 12th, 2014

Hi guys!

This is just a quicky, but I thought I'd share a creepy little realisation that I had today.

So, you or or may not be aware, but there's an official timeline for the Spectrum-verse in development, and I've been using it myself to plan out Last Train from Oblivion.

According to the timeline, the events of the past few chapters occured on November 10th, 2023.

That includes all the events in Truro, climaxing with Jean-Eric's death, and Tess's eulogising of him.

As I said in the story notes, the epitaph she read ('My engine now is cold and still...') is real, and is taken from the gravestone of a railwayman named Thomas Scaife, who was killed when his locomotive's boiler exploded.

Here's a picture of Scaife's grave. Take a look at the date of death!

November 10th, 1840.

The date is the same. Thomas Scaife and Jean-Eric Voight died on the exact same day of the year, and were eulogised with the same words.

I swear, I did not plan this, and only learnt of Scaife's date-of-death AFTER I published the chapter.

The odds that the dates would line-up is 365-to-1. I don't see anything supernatural at work here, just the hand of coincidence.

But it is, in an amusing way, creepy.

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