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  • 300 weeks

    I am writing. I took the morning off because I can. And now I'm writing because my youngest is asleep. I have a proof reader...anyone want to be a joke tester? (It's a real thing)

    It come with a fancy title.

    No you can't be a TITS

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  • 302 weeks
    Next chapter

    Ever wonder how I write my chapters?
    Well here is I start....spoilers (duh)

    Main point of this chapter: explain how Twilight lost her throne and why the gov is being rewritten.

    Have Discord and Twilight heading to breakfast <Discord tries to embarrass Twilight but make a point that she is still angry with him and ignore him for it> and start up the backflash at the table.

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  • 385 weeks
    I'm not dead!

    Well not yet.

    Sorry for such a long hiatus. As most of you may recall I had the good fortune of a new born baby boy. So my source of attention, I mean my outlet for creativity had to take a back burner while I took care of the chaos that is family. Things have calmed down a little so I'm writing again and hopefully have something posted soon.

    I haven't even started the new season....

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  • 413 weeks

    So I am writing but I somehow roped myself into writing 3 chapters at once and helping another writer make hers better. Now I have a lot done but I want to apologize for the Halloween special. It's still on and its good...its just not done. I might have it up at on 11/07/2014. If not, there this a huge load of new materials coming into my lap that need to be cataloged and I'll be backed up for

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  • 413 weeks
    New Twicord Group

    So a few people got together and wanted to breath some life into this subject group. So they dragged me along kicking and screaming (I dived head first). I have to admit the other group kind of died down. Hopefully this one will be a lot more organized, fun and full of topics to argue over (I'll make sure of that). I'm going to make weekly topic discussions and monthly contest.

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Hello From the world enticed by whisky and lots of it · 12:14am Oct 12th, 2014

Drunk writing, drunk writing, I am drunk writing.
Drunk writing, drunk writing, Discord hiding in a bush.
Drunk writing, drunk writing, I'm home alone.
Drunk writing, drunk writing, changelings are bad ass once you think about it.
Drunk writing, drunk writing, this bottle is almost gone.
Drunk writing, drunk writing, I didn't get my doctrant.
Drunk writing, drunk writing, I'm not going to remember this.
Drunk writing, drunk writing, I should just have my OTP finally pork.
Drunk writing, drunk writing, I had to look up what OTP meant.
Drunk writing, drunk writing, I'm going to wake up and go 'wut the fuck, drunk me?'
Drunk writing, drunk writing, I'm working on my favorit story.
Drunk writing, drunk writing, I misspelled favorite.
Drunk writing, drunk writing,asfdgok h;hfds g;klnmfdrsg kjm
Drunk writing, drunk writing, I just fell on my key bored
Drunk writing, drunk writing, I am at least writing, LMA....how did the rest go...oh O

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Oh, this sounds hot *Grins seductively*:pinkiecrazy:

Don't drink and think.

NOW, I'm really jealous that I had to go to sleep yesterday :applejackunsure:

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