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A reader... I read.. I love to read I also am Derpish. I have Derp and I am proud of being Derpy I also work on Blood Bound a non FIM webcomic thats NSFW and not

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  • 55 weeks
    Uptate time!

    I have been writing its not dead~! I am considering putting what I am witing onto the chapter I have released.... or as a new chapter. Not sure yet. If I do. I will delete the last chapter and re-release it.
    if not new chapter.

    Oh and yes Quote time.


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  • 66 weeks
    Working on it still

    Iam working on the story infact here for your pleasure is RAW unedited typing with all the spelling grammer and punctuation errors that my poor editors have to go though (not realy I do get most of them in re-writes)

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  • 73 weeks

    Im still working on the chapter! I promice! Its been tricky for me to write with both home life, work life, and subject. But I am getting though it! I PROMISE!

    anyway have a snippit (with all spelling grammar and other errors intact!) (after the break for gore reasons)

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  • 83 weeks
    Rating change

    I have decided to change the rating for Hivemind from Teen to Mature. I have tried to keep the story somewhat sanitized to keep to the Teen rating but this story is not something I should do that too. Its not a pleasant place, and these characters are deeper than what the teen rating has put. I also put the sex tag on, not because I plan to have clop (I don't) but because there will be

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  • 108 weeks
    It is coming I promice

    This chapter has been taking FOREVER With parenting and working and not being able to write down things the way I see it in my head.... Its annoying. Esp since I have other chapters in my head I want to get onto!

    But I promise the next chapter IS underway.....

    Sneek Peek?


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Featured? FEATURED!! · 12:45am Oct 7th, 2014

When I did the last update for Hivemind... and went back to the title page.. I saw... THIS!

I just want to thank whomever works out what should be featured for putting my little bit of drivel up

OH and..... Hivemind is still being worked on.. however.. I am also doing a short story featuring one of the characters as a one off especially for this month.. will have it up asap

Report CoffeeRings · 556 views · Story: Fallout: Equestria, Hivemind ·
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Comments ( 3 )

Keep up the good work.


Also thanks, seeing a new FoE featured can now be crossed off my list...

I need to make that list of things I need/want to do... :ajsleepy:

Well its hell of a story dude!

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