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"Plagues, blights, and swarms of insects are my heralds, and the screams of the tormented are my chorus."

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  • 356 weeks
    I'm a Liar

    Simple as that. After reading through a bunch of stories, I realized how bad mine was in comparison, so before I do anything new, I'm going back and re doing a bunch. I'll post another blog post when everything is updated, as I'm probably going to change a lot in terms of mechanics after re reading a bunch of stories with better ideas than I. That's really it. Until next time.

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  • 365 weeks
    New Story! Sort Of!

    So, I'm almost done with the next chapter for The Gateway, but I just can't get the motivation to finish it. So, I've decided to do the smart thing, and instead of just arduously going through it and write a sub par chapter, I'm going to start a bit of a new story, which you should see relatively soon. Right now, I'm just going through the actual story creation and trying to lay out the basis of

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  • 366 weeks

    This is going to be a quick one. Basically, midterms are coming up, so chapter 7 will be delayed for a while. I'll try to work on it between breaks in work and my personal life, but it won't be coming out this weekend as I planned;there's just too much to do. Maybe... Never mind, I'm in a rush, and I have to start doing my mid term review work, as always until next time.

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  • 366 weeks
    Chapter 7 Progress

    Hey everyone, just a quick little progress update. If you're wondering why chapter 7 is taking so long, I'll give you a hint. It is now the longest chapter ever written for this story, and I still have a bit to write. Also, I've been reading a couple of fics on this site, and I think I've realized something very important. My fic sucks XD. In all honesty, the first two chapters are in my opinion

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  • 369 weeks
    Updates, Delays, and Christmas Break

    So, there are probably some of you that are wondering why I didn't get a chapter out last weekend like I said I would. Short answer- solar power. Long answer- slightly more complicated. Basically, my keyboard for my computer is solar powered, and it ran out of battery due to me forgetting to leave it out under my windowsill whenever I wasn't using it to get charged. This was more of a problem

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Clarification · 7:31pm Oct 5th, 2014

As the title implies, this is just some clarification on one of my recent stories. The organ that changelings use to transform is more of a spell focus than an actual organ that changes the body. Basically, you channel energy into it, and a high teir illusion will be placed over your body. It's not like the organ actually changes the cell structure and everything. Other than that, there isn't much, so until next time.

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