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    Hi everypony, sorry we've been so inactive. Me and Carly have been reading stories more than writing them. Carly is actually writing a really awesome story and I'm coming up with one too. But It might be a while until we post them. Carly keeps her stories on her USB and I keep mine, Well stored some, places. But don't think we've quit Fimfiction! We're gonna post soon, really. But Sorryz, don't

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  • 342 weeks
    Guess What?

    When you saw that title I bet you didn't guess! HEHE HE HE HE. Umm, ignore that. So guess what???

    Did you guess?

    Well now I shall tell you. I honestly don't know I just felt like making the first pointless blogpost so AHOUHSLHBCJGHDVC.

    I made a poem about a pillow.
    *he hem.*

    You sleep on them.


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    Hi! That's how you should always start a blog post, with saying "hi". Without it, how could you greet the people you're writing to, or sending the message to? And maybe if you simply don't greet those people, they'll feel disappointed and then they'll be sad. And when someone's sad, they instantly turn mad. Why do I know this? Cause "sad" and "mad" rhyme! If anything rhymes, it's correct!

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    Another one!?

    I liked the Old-Old Fimfic... I mean, the last update was fine, but this...

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    The Six

    Twilight Sparkle
    Her coat is purple
    Her mane is pink
    And purple
    And blue.
    Her cutie mark
    Is a pink-white star
    That shines almost as bright
    As the crown upon her head
    And not nearly as bright
    As the twinkle in her eyes.
    Princess Twilight
    Was Celestia right?
    To choose a unicorn as clueless as you?
    I think she was
    Only because
    You were the only one brave enough to do

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Did Rainbow Rocks Really Rock? · 7:14pm Oct 2nd, 2014

I was never into the whole EG thing. I think it's weird how all the ponies become this weird human-like creature that can turn into an anthro with the strum of a guitar. BUT. I actually liked Rainbow Rocks! Probably because of all the music, but I just liked the movie. When i got to the end, Ahhh! It was so coolllllllllll. Sonata and Pinkie are totally gonna become friends. I feel like Pinkie was barely in the movie! That was kinda upsetting, but overall I liked da movie. Also, Rainbow was kinda a jerk throughout the whole thing. Just my opinion. But YASS Rainbow Rocks rocked!!

What was that Twilight bit at the end of the movie!? I don't get it...

- Layla

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Foreshadowing Human Twilight coming to Canterlot High....

Do you remember how in the first movie Pinkie Pie mentioned that there was someone exactly like Twilight who also had a dog named Spike and lived in the city? That's who that Twilight was. She's Twilight's human counterpart who lives in that world, but just doesn't go to CHS.

2501790 Oh, thank you! I haven't watched Equestria Girls (1) in a while. :pinkiehappy:

2502012 No problem! I watched it before watching Rainbow Rocks, so I still remember all of the little details. (don't ask me why):twilightsmile:

I started to read this, and then I realised something... I haven't watched the movie jet! *sigh* ... I failed in avoiding spoilers...

2503632 I thought it was layla, who wrote the blog... wait. JAMES! you tried to avoid spoilers too?

2503643 Yes, Layla wrote the blog post, but as I read it I was infuriated that she gave away so many spoilers, as I was going to actually watch it in the cinema.

2503657 I DIDNT GIVE SPOILERS.:flutterrage:

2503643 Ya I wrote it. But I didn't give away the important stufffff. :ajsmug:


2503746 okay.... Layla... I guess... yup. Layla.
You didn't gave to many spoilers. I still don't know anything about the storyline.

And carly I meen James....watch the movie, and keep an eye on your sister :raritywink:

2505176 :derpytongue2: She's not my sister. She's my friend! Though my sister would totally take over my account and write stories about ponies names Olivia. Trust me, she would. But Layla D. and I are just companions!:pinkiehappy:

2505451 *sip from my coffee.* what? you aren't sisters... this whole world... it lied to me. :raritydespair::raritycry:

and Olivia?:rainbowhuh:

2505459 Okay so one day I was making a story when my sister started writing about somepony named Olivia. Then when she gave up on that story, she did it again, with another pony named Olivia. This has happened multiple times, and her stories are only like 5 words per paragraph, but actually quite interesting. I might make a longer version about one of the stories she has made. But yes, me and Layla are not sisters but we act like them, seeing each other at school every day, talking at lunch, going to Layla's house every other Friday... things like that.:ajsmug:

2505464 *sip...* no coffee... Why? why is this world so hard...?:raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair:...

anyway... it's good to hear that you are so close. I never had such a close friend.

As for the story... is there a way that I can see the ... Original? Maybe...? :derpytongue2:

2505471 It's actually written on paper, and lost, so I only remember what it was like. It's really cheesy, but sorry, I don't think so.:twilightblush:

2505489 darn... I would really read it. say, isn't it night out there?

2505490 What do you mean? It's 7 in the morning.:ajbemused:

2505496 oh, well, I'm european, and. and I assume you two live in the US. and, with some lazy calculation, I thought it was ... four O'clock or something...
(it's 13:41 out here, if you're intrested.)

2505498 Cool! I lived in Asia for three years. I always wanted to go to Europe! Which country are you in?

2505500 one of the smales, and stupiest. BELGIUM. you know that?

and ... you are carly... right? where in asia did you live?

2505503 I know Belgium! I actually had a really good friend named Megan who was from Belgium when I went to an international school in Cambodia. Cambodia is also a really small place, and not until I show it to somepony on the map do they know it exists. But yeah, that's where I was living for three years, and boy do I miss it. What I would give to be able to go back there... But anyways, I think Belgium is really cool! Speak french? I speak it a little myself!:rainbowlaugh:

2505508 :facehoof: why do people think they speak French over there. we mostly speak dutch. see, the country is split in two. the north part speaks Dutch. the south part speaks French. And a few villages in the east speaks german.

I'm from the part where they speak dutch. but we learn French in school. so, I know a bit French too. like 'bonjour' and 'comment ça va?'
'et voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir' ...
merdre, je parle français! Je ne sais pas. mais, excuser moi,
donc, tu parle francais aussi? c'est formidable! nous allons etre le meilleur copains!'

or something like that.
and, yeah. I know Cambodia

2505517 Nice, most people don't. Well, I think that Belgium speaks both, because my friend Megan spoke French. So she's from the other side.

Oui, je parler francais.
Comment ca va?
J'ai une fille. Et toi?
J'ai une licorne.
J'aime My Little Pony.

So that's me.

2505517 And to answer your questions. No.

2505522 Moi? ça va. J'ecri le septieme chaptitre pour le Appledash concurrence.

et, je suis un garçon. ou du moins, depuis la dernière fois que j'ai vérifié

J'aime My Little Pony Aussi! quelle coïncidence? :twilightsmile:

merdre, je suis impressionnant :derpytongue2:

2505523 which question?


I think I know which question you meen. sorry, it was from a song. I typed it, before I realised it. sorry if I scarred you with that

2505526 Yep, you kinda did. But, that's okay. I still find it really cool that we both speak French. Well, I am mostly learning it because when I moved from Cambodia, I stopped speaking it for a year, so now I am forgetting it a little. SO at my school I decided to continue learning it, and that's exactly what I have been doing since. But I still know a lot because I speak Spanish as well. Oh, and what do you mean it's from a song?:derpyderp2:

2508387 you don't know the song? Ask your parents.... no wait.... don't do that....Euh...
Sorry. I can't put the link since I'm on my cellphone.
So you speak Spanish too?

2508446 Yeah, I do. Do you speak any other languages?

2509944 si señorita.
I speak English (a bit)
French (a bit)
Dutch (with seven dialects)
And a few words german, Italian, and Spanish.

2510773 So can you read all the things on this site even though English is not your native language? But it's really cool that you speak so many languages! I'm learning more French, and I really want to know Danish. OH HOW I DO. If you know anything in Danish, AWESOME I ENVY YOU!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

2512332 je comprend tout le site Web... mais je ne sais pas le Danish

Comment posted by Blue Valentine deleted Oct 24th, 2014

2513749 Layla's right, that's our friend. And it's DUMB COW not stupid cow!!!!:trixieshiftleft:

Comment posted by Blue Valentine deleted Oct 7th, 2014
Comment posted by Blue Valentine deleted Oct 7th, 2014
Comment posted by Blue Valentine deleted Oct 24th, 2014
Comment posted by Blue Valentine deleted Oct 24th, 2014

2514669 nice try, but you don't have to use Google translate. It won't change the grammar. So ... onnozel varken... (weird pig)

2516335 J'aime les licorns!!!!

2685319 Who doesn't???? And could you check out this super long blog post I made, cause I'd like u to read it.... It's called Carly's AWESOME BLOG POSTS WHICH ARE TOTALLY BETTER THAN LAYLA'S or something along those lines.

2685325 YAY THANKS. PFUDOR!!!!!!!! Wait what does PFUDOR have to do with anything?????

2685326 I don't even know what pfudor is

2685340 Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows.

2685350 now, let's see what you've learen so far

2685360 What color are the unicorns???
What are they dancing on?
Please use 1 word to describe the texture of their magical fur.

2685367 YAY.
pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows

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