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Ebola Chan is my waifu. I am an avid RPer if interested.

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I'm actually terrified right now... · 2:30pm Sep 29th, 2014

Ok... I came downstairs to make fish and as soon as I got down here I start hearing these loud footsteps upstairs and get this feeling that I'm being watched. I go to look and all the doors are locked and no one is up there... I'm scared shitless right now.

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it's your mom dude

your mom is totally watching you and fapping

go tear that shit up man

She's an extremely stealthy fapper.

I just realized this, though... you were making fish. She wants you to know that you don't even need to bother going downstairs for fish~

Dude, the signs are all adding up. Next thing you know, she's going to wear a button-up with the top two buttons popped and lean down in front of you. You better take advantage of that moment for all our sakes. :rainbowwild:


I came downstairs

I'm not the one that has a jizz falling and splattering fetish.

Calm down, lay low, and stay quiet. Keep your phone on you. If you see someone call the cops

Solid Snake is in your house. This is the only explanation.

The truth is, he's already behind you. He knows how to always be out of your field of view. It's over.

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