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Important Notice · 12:37pm Jun 15th, 2012

Some of you may or may not have noticed tha I've practically dissapeared for the past week. Well, I am to explain a bit with this...

Turns out that (For reasons I'd rather left untold) I'm stuck in one of those comfy hospital beds with a bunch of cables and crap sticking out of places. I spent the first three days in a coma and have just barely got my hands on my notebook again (I swear, it's the first time I feel lucky for having this thing).

How much time do I have left here? A couple weeks more, minimum. And all in all, you can most likely assume that I won't be writing anything (Maybe just a teenzy bit) for the meantime. And I can't let the nurses see my Ponies.

Also; I swear, nurses have this wierd sixth sense for when you're about to do stupid shit.

"Mhh... I gotta pee, but I have things impaled in both of my arms and another wierd thing in my leg. I can totally do this."

*Slowly slides out of bed and begins to wadle towards the bathroom. Suddenly, nurses pop out into the room and glare*

And here is where I should just stop and do something else. I can barely taste the ceiling.

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Comments ( 6 )

That's rough.

Get well soon mate.

Heres for you to getting well soon.

Yikes. Hope you have a fast recovery!

Sounds like a possible car-accident to me. I only say this since I've had a couple of family members in nearly the exact same situation as you. No worries though, I hope you just heal yourself up and get the hell out of there. Hospitals tend to make me go a little stir-crazy with boredom.

Shit that sucks...
Get well man

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