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I'm Back! Wait, What? · 10:48pm Sep 19th, 2014

So, after a long, unannounced hiatus. I've managed to get some free time to finish that final chapter! And by the looks of it, the last scene is being finished. (Also some future planning)

It brings me joy to be back in this site again. Well, I have, but I haven't written a single sentence, just some plans in the making. Also I'd like to announce that sometime next week, I'll be putting up another blog for other plans that have been on the edge of being revealed. So there's that.

I plan on releasing the last chapter of Always There by the start of next month, or the end of this month, I promise (not a pinkie promise, cause I'd be a dead man for sure)

Thanks for your time, and until then. ~ LuigiBoy781

P.S. The last chapter will probably be past 5,500 words

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2474142 I know, right? I'm glad to be here! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to work on a long awaited chapter...

2474242 You do that. I'll be here. Waiting...




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