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Moderation delaying new story. · 4:26pm Sep 19th, 2014

Hi guys sorry that the new story hasn't shown up yet; apparently, the mods assumed that Spike from this 'universe' that I based on from A different type of greed... is not legal and is just a baby in this anthro-themed story line. While you all know, he had a growth spurt into adulthood during the events of the previous stories.

I am trying to clarify with the moderators that he IS an adult in this anthro-themed story. So hopefully it'll pop up soon and you will all be allowed to see it.


Report WebHead69 · 445 views · Story: A different type of greed... ·
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Wow, never heard of anyone having that problem. Hope it gets sorted out.


Tell me about it. I was fucking shocked. :pinkiegasp:

I'm not surprised. Something similar to this has happened somewhat recently. I think that the reason is personal, and therefore the denial of your story from publishing is unaccepable. Mods are not supposed to allow their personal feelings on stories to be the end-all to whether a story gets published and passed moderation or not.

Here's my point:
The author of that story where Twilight and others are magical girls made a similar roadblock with another story of his/hers was taken off FIMFiction because the Spike in the story was about the age of 12-13 and he was getting laid with the other girls (Pinkie being the most with Spike). I have to see that he/she was still writing the story, but he/she slightly changed it, and it's hosted on his/her personal website. Now I have conversed with the author when it was pulled from FIMFiction initially, and he/she explained to me why it was pulled, but also mentioned reasons that shall remain private.

Based on the way the story has happened so far, I think the story is humanized, but it's based in Japanese culture. And of the things of Japanese culture is that the actual age of consent is roughly 13. There are several other things that make it being in Japan (and it makes sense, since the author has used the very popular Friendship Is Magical comic by Mauroz made on deviantArt as its inspiration.) but for the most part, the official reason is different cultures.

Both of you know what story I'm referrring to if you have seen it before. I'm not linking you to it out of respect of the author and the mods.

More than likely the thing to make it okay is that to make Spike basically the age of consent. Most of the world has the age of consent to be 18 (expections I know of is the US which ranges from 16-18, based on the state and their laws, and Japan where age of consent is thirteen [now I understand the groper laws over there])

Hell some stories have Spike as 16-17 and he's considered legal age. (Thanks a lot Path for your comment---the argument should stand). I should also thank DARKPHANTOM13 for his story being published because it takes the issue of consent due to age and it was nipped but still published.

If it's up to me, I would simply say that Spike's had a bit of a relationship for about three years, and now he's officially of age according to Celestia in your story. That should stop the lynching of your story.


I actually did that; given that this is a follow up to a previous story based on where a real life episode of MLP where Spike becomes an adult due to greed, I thought that it was reasonable that they assumed that he was still a kid because I didn't reference that he was an adult in this new story given that I cared about my readers acknowledging from the previous plot.

So I simply referenced that he was enjoying his adulthood being able to play in an sporting field (makes sense when you read the story) to confirm that he is in fact an adult.

Hell the MLP show references the adulthood of the other characters; their own home, they have work, no school, etc.

Comment posted by DanvilleBengal deleted Sep 19th, 2014


OK!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I am looking forward to when it's published. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!:raritystarry:

So...this new story will be a somewhat sequel to "A Different Type of Greed"?


Yup, the last mini-sequel before the actual full sequel that everyone wants.

Wait. Last mini-sequel? Have I missed some mini-sequels?

I'll be sure to read that one soon.

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