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Fixation on death aside, this is lovely —Soge, accidentally describing my entire life

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Making a habit of writing everyday - A Twitter Account · 6:04am Sep 18th, 2014

I have become afflicted by a wondrous and most terrible disease: the desire to write.

I have ideas that will keep me up at night. I eavesdrop on conversations between characters I haven't written yet that won't stop long after I've told them all to shut up and let me sleep. My bike rides down river trails and walks around my university are spent figuring out plots and worldbuilding.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a writer that refuses to write. It's just not economically viable for me to write anything, I have so many other hobbies and school and work that command my attention. I would be better off editing fanfic readings, or making videos. Any and all of my time spent writing is just time away from reading fantastic pieces of work by other authors or creating things that people will probably enjoy far more than anything I could write.

Despite all of that, I just can't shake the feeling that I need to write more. I'm drawn to this notion that I should be writing every single day without fail, making it a consistent habit. Because of that desire, I've decided to set up a creativity twitter account, @chinchiIlax (the first l is a capital i).

I've been listening to books and podcasts, and I even had the pleasure of attending a Con recently to hear others discuss how to juggle life and still be creative. I felt really inspired by one writer who was so busy she trained herself to be able to write in 15 minute increments, she's written over fifteen novels like that.

My irrational goal is to get to 1000 words a day, or at least an hour of editing either a video or a fanfic reading. I just need to make it a consistent habit to create.
Just don't expect to see anything too soon though, okay? :pinkiesad2: I don't want to put out anything unless it's complete or I'm absurdly confident I will complete it. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for all the kind comments here and on my Youtube channel, if it wasn't for them, I'd probably tell these ideas to just leave me alone.

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I think this is a fantastic idea. I keep on telling myself that I should write something everyday too, but it hasn't happened yet.


Any creative endeavor takes a lot of thought and effort to ignore the distractions of life to complete. I find that unless I force myself to do it, I'm just gonna try to push thoughts of stories out of my head.

But the ideal way to get rid of a story is to get it out of my head and into words. I'm hoping the shame of texting to twitter that I wrote "0 words today" or the exhilaration of texting "1000 words today" will get me to write.

I thoroughly enjoyed "The Library of Discord", so please, keep up the writing :scootangel:


You have no idea how encouraging it is to hear that. Thank you!


Your story gave me an excellent metaphor for explaining the idea that we may live in a computational universe, which is one of many possible, without having to go into all the details about physical laws, emergence, determinism and fine tuning.

I'm the kind of guy who feasts on ideas and interesting conversation, and your story was an all-you-can-eat buffet of pretentiously delicious glory.

I was finally able to explain to my not very science savvy family the idea of computational universes in a cool way that they could understand - through books and shit-tons word permutations eventually forming coherent stories - eventually forming even the story of their life, like whatever random fundamental physical laws coalescing through space-time to eventually form what we accept as the nature of our universe, among a multiverse of possible universes, most of which probably couldn't support life due to their different laws and thus different natures.

Thank you for the story Chinchillax. It stuck with me for a while, and the ideas it helped me convey will likely stick with the folks who heard them for even longer. So by all means write on! :twilightsmile:


That is so fantastic to hear! I'm glad you found a way to use my story to explain something.

And I hope my next story will provide some more interesting ideas to chew on. :twilightsmile:

Not my most recent story, that one's just silly, but some future story that's actually deep.

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