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[no title] · 6:37pm Sep 17th, 2014

So here's my little rant for today. I'm getting really damn sick of story after story that I enjoy being taken down, passworded, or their authors running off after writing some stupid passive aggressive rant about how bronies (are you twits still denying you're bronies or have you "taken it back") are all mysoginistic, racist, homophobic, evil, blah blah blah, and the fandom is horrible and evil because people get mad, or they draw naughty pictures, or say mean things on the INTARWEBS! No one is allowed to say mean things on the interwebs you know, cause if you do these angry people will backtrace you and call the internet police.

I honestly don't believe these people have been in a real fandom before. They don't realize that these things they keep finding exist in EVERY FANDOM THAT HAS EVER EXISTED. People drawing porn? That's rule 34 (there IS porn of everything, there are no exceptions). People acting like assholes? Every fandom that does, has, or will exist will have assholes you can't fight human nature. Homophobes, transphobes, and so on? You bet! General dickheads? Oh god yes (though even a regular "decent" person can turn into a horrible raging bastard a la Mr. Hyde. Yes there are some bastards and bitches in EVERY FANDOM, but they are the MINORITY albeit a very VERY vocal one.

So lets cover the points individually. First, the porn. Whether written, drawn, or animated, It's not going anywhere no matter how hard anyone tries, no matter how many takedown notices get sent out on tumblr, you will always be invoking the Streisand effect (basically the harder you try to censor something, the more people will find out about it and just see you as being a jerk). Honestly, and I do mean this is the absolute truth here, spamming tumblr saying an artist is posting child porn to get their pictures of horsies being naughty is harassment and could cause horrible consequences. Like jail time, no one should be shoved into a cell because they drew a pictures of pony butts. It's harassment of the worst kind. And I don't want to hear a word about "thinking of the children" because children shouldn't be viewing that shit. Those tumblrs are listed as adult, thus the only way to get to them is for a kid to lie while making their tumblr (which they shouldn't be allowed to do until their parents take a look at what kind of site it is (hint: it is poop)). And I especially don't want to hear a word about google images showing cloppy stuff, with safe search on you see no clop. If you find clop with safe search off, then you've obviously been viewing clop/hentai/standard porn enough that those are all you get, don't want it, turn safe search on. You'll notice I'm not talking about the erotic fiction, well what's to talk about, Google images doesn't search clop, however you can find it on tumblr, deviantart (which is full of naughty pics), and probably a hundred more stroke fic sites. Those however don't seem to ever be tagged properly outside of FimFic. Honestly, the porn will never go away because drawing porn of the characters in your favorite piece of entertainment has been going on for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Just go to paheal (don't look at the images) mouse over main, and click tags and you will see that everything is covered, and this stuff went on even before the internet. The key is, if you don't want to see it, it's up to YOU to turn on safe search, adjust account settings where available to block tags you don't like, and most importantly don't actively go to porn sites. It's actually pretty damn hard to see porn if you DON'T GO LOOKING FOR IT. As for trolls who post that stuff to get a rise out of you, ignore it, move on, nothing you do will make that troll turn a new leaf. Just click that little x in the corner of your tab and *poof* it's gone. But it's not going away and there is no fandom that is rule 34 free (because that's the rule, there is porn of it, always, and if it doesn't exist someone will make it). And again, just look at paheal's tags, almost nothing is missed.

Now for all the screaming of the SJWs who have obviously never lived anywhere but the nice cushy suburbs here's the deal. Assholes exist. Gender doesn't matter, sexual orientation doesn't matter, political affiliation doesn't matter, financial status doesn't matter, age sorta matters. Being a rotten bastard or a total bitch is devoid of any barrier of entry. Like I said, to be an asshole race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, political views, physical status (fitness or disability), or choice of profession, anyone can be a complete and total bastard, bitch, dickhead, cunt, prick, or what have you. All it takes is a distinct lack of respect for anyone but yourself and BOOM! You're an asshole. And no matter what, NO MATTER WHAT you do in life, what you do for entertainment, who you have as a life partner, or even what you eat for goddamn dinner, total bastards will be out there to tell you that you're a total fucking moron and that everything you like is shit. And this is going to happen regarless of whether you like ponies, anime, comics, stuffed animals, silly hats, larping, playing D&D type games, warhammer, dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, chicken, steak, veggies, t-shirts, button shirts, polo shirts, skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans, gucci bags, armani suits, walmart clothes, blah blah blah. If you like something, someone out there wants to shit all over you to make themselves feel superior. So instead of getting all pissy and whiny and crying like a baby because someone said something you like is shit, realize that they're probably crying over their keyboards because no one likes them.

Now for the big one: "Bronies" are all misogynistic, homophobic/transphobic/biphobic/asexophobic/queerphobic/panphobic/the list continues into eternity because sexuality is not a black and white subject (not referring to race here)), racist, etc again. Thing is, those people exist in other fandoms as well. Look at the shit going on with gamers and the stupid shit they did with Sarkeezian and Zoe Quinn (and her "gamersgate crap), or even . They exist in the anime fandom, in Homestuck, in comics, Homestuck, Inspector Gadget, Carebears, and so on and so on. As I said before, stupid, bigoted assholes exist EVERYWHERE. Period. That's just how it is. But they are the vocal MINORITY. I'm not saying this to give anyone a pass, if you act like a bastard and mistreat anyone else (and I mean ANYONE) you should definitely get hammered on. But if you think that a few people being assholes is representative of ANY fandom, you're being just as much of an asshole. I love my ponies, I buy the toys, I buy the shirts, I buy the posters, I support artists (clop and non), and I support the various charities that have been started by the "evil bronies". But I'm not a member of any forums, I don't go to chat rooms, I keep to myself in the social realm, and to see people bashing the fandom and saying crap like "I'll never call myself a brony" when I DO choose to check that stuff out it's distressing. I (and I'd assume a vast majority of fans) don't appreciate being lumped in with a few douche bags who think being hateful and cruel is appropriate behavior. There is no place for it. You don't go on someones tumblr and call them a whore, or a cunt, or a dyke, simply because they said something you don't like. You don't upload people's personal information on the web just because you don't like what they say, you don't flag spam people's youtube vids, you don't bombard takedown requests on someone's tumblr. I realize that a lot of fans of FiM are under 18, and there are a great many over the age of 18. But that doesn't matter in the least goddamn bit. Being respectful of someone else's opinions, life choices, or materials they produce (art, music, sculpture, literature) is just common courtesy. You don't have to like it, you don't have to approve of it, but in no way, shape, or form are you allowed, at all, to attempt to censor them. They have a right to free speech and expression, just as you have a right to dislike it. But that's as far as it goes. Like the little song goes, it's ok to not like things, but don't be a dick about it.

Now, let's get on that most joyful of joyful topics, social justice warriors. The destroyers of tumblr pages, the ddos-ers of image sites, the angriest of angry, and the goddamn wierdest of the fucking wierd. It's interesting that SJWs always go on at length about how they want to stop people from being mean, no more LGBTQIAPK hate, and equality for all. These are quite admirable goals, but SJW tactics just make everyone hate you. With calls of "Die cis scum", ridiculous censorship quests, death threats, screams of bigotry, misogynism, ableism, predjudice, and a complete inability to form a coherent and rational argument when someone disagrees with you does nothing to help whatever cause you're pushing, it just makes people angry. When you censor or destroy something people enjoy without giving a rational argument that can stand up to scrutiny, then you will get ZERO support for whatever you're trying to do.

For example(only one I paid attention to): Pinkiepony(PP). PP said that an 11 year old she was babysitting found Ask Princess Molestia(APM) on google images(which means safe search was off) and was offended by the tumblr blog. And this is fine, you're allowed to be offended, but no one has to care, however her response to it was anything but. Rather than say, turning on safe search and blocking the tags for the blog, she started a screaming and ranting fest, saying such insane things as "APM will make people rapists" and even said that "Everyone who reads APM is a rapist or rape apologist(which pissed me off pretty good since I'm a rape victim, and yes I'm a dude)." At the beginning PP managed to garner quite a bit of supporters at the beginning and of course that vocal asshole minority popped up, thing went on for a bit, but then she started with her "All bronies are rapists" tripe and then everything went nuts. People started saying screw this, PP started lying (mall bronies trying to rape her), she was found to have drawn quite a bit of clop (while saying that doing so is horrible and nasty), and kept screaming about brony=evil rapist. Then the APM blog went down and everyone lost their shit but the last straw was that apparently she was going to be doing some loli or shota comic thing (loli and shota means the chars are 5-13/14 years old like in Evangelion and such). Now her tumblr is gone, just gone (along with her cloppy art). This is just a single example of what SJWs do. They go crazy, scream and rant and say all bronies/men are evil, people get annoyed then they dissapear into a new tumblr.

However in my opinion the SJWs need to quit harassing any fandoms artists, musicians, and writers. Critiquing work is fine, great even. But harassment is not. Why harass and flag spam some musician in a little fandom when you could go after the big guys. SJWs will go freaking insane if they think a fanfic is treating women bad, or if a fan song says bitches, or a piece of art is a bit risqué. The big thing to me, I don't see this in other fandoms. I don't see anyone going insane about anime (despite the loli/shotacon, gore, rape pics(I'm talking images specifically tagged as being rape images), Avatar adult work (fics, and the hundreds of images, keep in mind every character is in their early teens), the Ben 10 universe (this time preteens), the Marvel universe, DC, and so on. All these things have 34 art and fics, however I don't see SJWs going crazy over them.

Then there's the big issue, the SJW need to clean house. While I'm sure that most SJWs can argue their point calmly and clearly in a respectful manner and don't go into a frenzy over things they don't approve of, there are quite a few (yet still in that vocal minority) who are so full of hate and rage that they prefer violence (forced censorship, rape and death threats) to rational discourse. They organize on tumblr and then spread out and attack those who don't bow down to them and their positions. But the SJW community has plenty of issues itself, issues that tend to drive away anyone with a semblence of intelligence. The social justice movement is in itself a hate group focusing mainly on the cis white male(CWM) and sometimes cis black males(CBM) (because both are horrible rapists whose only goal in life is to oppress women and minorities(but it's women who matter more)(but mostly it's the CWMs fault). Rampant cries of "Die cis scum" can be seen on pretty much every SJW tumblr out there. There's also the hate of anyone who isn't disabled, anyone not of the proper skin color, who is of the wrong sex, who is of the wrong orientation, who isn't a horse in a human body, who isn't a fairy(meaning Tinkerbell magic wand fairy), who isn't a half-dragon half-wolf half-eagle half-otter, who doesn't have a bunch of people living in their heads, anyone who thinks that the Die in "Die Cis Scum" doesn't actually anything to do with death. If you don't fit any of these then you must "check your privilege". While privilege used to mean having wealth, high quality and pricey material goods while being ignorant of it, at this point it means that anything that you have to be ashamed of everything you have and everything you are regardless of what you own or your wealth(but only if you're a CWM). Privilege is pretty much spat out by those who want what someone else has, thus they throw out the privilege crap, because if the SJWs aren't happy, no one else is allowed to be happy.

Well, done with the tangents so I'll just say this, the assholes in every fandom are the MINORITY and the majority just tends to get the content they want (art, lit, music, show episodes) and then they bugger off. Thus screaming that all of x group are racist, misogynist, or LGBTQAIPK phobic, is you being a prejudicial bigot, and thus you are the very thing you claim to be against. You all need to shut up and stop trying to tell people what they're allowed to do. Also you'll never get rid of porn. Ever. Not gonna happen. Kill 1 artist, 2 more shall rise in his place. Hail Hydra. So just as long as you stay in tumblr you can continue to keep your little hate group in you little echo chamber. Just don't bother the rest of us with your crazy. And check your non Xenophile privilege.


And to the guys and gals(because not every brony is a dude) who are harassing people, issuing death and rape threats, shut up and get the hell out of the fandom until you can grow up. You are neither wanted nor needed, you just make everyone look bad. Dicks.

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