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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety; I also have a Let's Play channel. :twilightsmile:

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Q&A Round Fifteen - The Answers! · 8:39pm Sep 14th, 2014

Let's do this!


Twilight, how many inches of water are in a pound, and why use InH2O as opposed to PSI when reading data such as pressure differential?

Twilight: You know something? I'm not even going to try answering these questions, because doing so will only increase my desire to HURT YOU!
Geo: Jeez, Twi, calm the fuck down.
Twilight: Fuck? Sure, we can do that if you really w—

*Archy plays Twi's unofficial theme song to calm her down*

Twilight: Oh... this is... really nice. (Pause) What was I angry about?

Cherry Jubilee, how are things for you now in Dodge Junction?

Cherry Jubilee: Now that I've finally found my special somepony*, things couldn't be better. The farm is taking lots of orders, and I've increased the yield of the place by three hundred percent.

* Reference to Sweet Cherry (NSFW).

Princess Luna, so there's a buddy of mine, he really likes you...


Princess Cadence, ever thought about turning Shining into a human?

(Cadence taps her chin with a forehoof.)
Cadence: Twilight has been telling me about her and Geo's adventures in... that department.
(Geo looks at Twilight, who giggles sheepishly.)
Geo: Oh she has, has she? (Pause) I hope it was nothing bad...
Cadence: Don't worry, she didn't insult your manhood — but to answer your question, Archy, yes. I have thought about it.
(Shining Armour swallows nervously.)

Princess Celestia, W... Would you... Would um...


I CANT DO IT!!! :raritycry:

*runs out of the room sobbing as he leaves a black velvet box on the table*

(Celestia watches as Archy leaves the room. She trots over to the box, picks it up and opens it. Her eyes light up upon seeing the contents.)
Celestia (whispering): Yes. Yes, I will...


Hi! Here's my questions.

1) Who's your least favorite CMC?

Babs Seed, though I'm not really sure why.

2) What's your favorite episode of MLP?

Twilight's Kingdom Part 2, without a doubt. :twilightsmile:

3) What's your favorite genre of fanfiction?

Comedy, followed closely by Romance.

Dark is my least favourite.

4) Are you in any other fandoms? If so, which ones?

Can't say that I am, to be honest.

5) If you won the lottery for 500 million dollars, what would you do with the money?

Five hundred million dollars, using todays exchange rate, is £307,418,005.

I'd do a lot with the money. I'd give to friends, family, charity, etc. I'd also have tons of plushies made, and go to as many conventions and meets as I could.

6) What's your favorite food/drink?

My favourite food is macaroni cheese.

7) Who's your favorite pony?

Twilight Sparkle, but that much should be obvious.

8) Why did you first watch MLP:FIM?

Because two of my friends watched it and I took the piss out of them for it. They told me not to knock it until I'd tried it, so I did.

And here we are now.


To Geo:

What is a man?

The subject of this PM said I would only understand this question if I have played Castlevania 3.

Sorry, but I haven't.


1. What does Geo think about griffons?

Geo: They can be a bit annoying at times, especially when they're being extremely picky, but once you get past all that they're not all that bad. Chancellor Bronzebeak, whom I meet with to discuss trade, is pretty cool.
John: Plus they have meat, which is a huge bonus in my book.

2. Can you imagine Pinkie in a fox costume and Applejack in a rabbit costume?

John: We put this to the test... it hasn't gone well.
Applejack (shouting): Dangit, Pinkie, how many times do I gotta tell ya that ya ain't a real fox?!
Pinkie: C'mon, AJ! I bet you taste really nice!
Applejack: John, fer the love of all that is sacred, help me!
John (sighing): I've gotta go.

3. Can you imagine Flash Sentry in a monkey baboon costume then send him to the moon?

Twilight: Geo thinks this is a brilliant idea — but we can't find a baboon costume anywhere.
(Rarity rushes past, followed by Geo.)
Geo: Come on, Rarity, just make the damn costume!
Rarity: I will not play a part in the immature feud you and Private Sentry have! LEAVE ME ALONE!
(Spike rushes past, chasing after Geo.)
Spike: YEAH! Leave her alone!
*mass carnage*

4. Is Twilight immortal in the Geoverse?


5. If Twilight's a weapon, would she be better as a minigun or as a drill?

Oh, definitely a minigun.


will they take the bait?

Not if you keep going on about it, they won't.

mad or nawwwwh?

Um... no?

do you prefer yorekt or yorip?


Why do I always get the crazies?

tsm wonned?

TSM... Twilight Sparkle's Mum?

She's all right, I guess...

favorite poneh to hate?

Flash Sentry.

bob's burgers or rick and morty?


why not both?

The first one doesn't look funny, and I've never even heard of the second one.

riot or rito?

Rito... riots simply aren't fun at all.

FreeSM or CLFree?

Never heard of either.

why do i have so many stories of yours to catch up on? ;_;

Because I write so damn many of them, that's why. :trollestia:


To Twilight: What makes a better pet, a cat or a dog?

Twilight: I'm sure Rarity or Applejack would be the best one to ask, since I've never owned either.
Applejack: Shucks, Twi, dogs are the greatest pet a pony could ask fer. They're loyal, playful, and they're real hard-workin'. Ain't that right, Winona?
Winona: (barks)
Rarity: I disagree. Cats are the better pet. They don't eat half as much as dogs do, they're very clean, and then there's the fact that they look simply divine.
(The conversation descends into a heated argument between the two, while Twilight rolls her eyes and sighs.)

That's all for now. Apologies if I didn't answer your question in the way you were hoping me to.

Stay awesome, everyone!

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Comments ( 10 )

Okay, thanks so much for answering my questions because there are a bunch of reasons why I asked them. The reason why I asked about Applejack and Pinkie in rabbit and fox costumes, respectively was because of Family Appreciation Day where Apple Bloom and Granny Smith wore bunny suits to sing to the water. I have never seen AJ or Big Mac wear them at all.

As for Pinkie, I forgot what story, but it was a story about why Pinkie played pranks. I commented that based on my thoughts of that story, I thought that Pinkie was a reincarnated kitsune. She plays pranks, is loyal to her friends and to a degree, serves the Princesses. And that one song with the foxes.

For Twilight being immortal, I was worried that she might outlive Geo like Cadence outliving Shining. But I liked your answer anyway.

For Flash in a baboon costume, I KNOW how much you despise the guy. (I tolerate Flash to a degree, but he doesn't have much personality aside from being Twilight's pseudo-love interest.)

Finally, for the drill and minigun question, I was thinking of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, an AWESOME anime involving drills and Team Fortress 2, respectively.

When round 16 comes up, I'll try to ask more questions. I was feeling random this round. :pinkiehappy:

I saw that Archy! :heart:

The subject of this PM said I would only understand this question if I have played Castlevania 3.

No,No. Not Castlevania 3 but Symphony of The Night :twilightblush:
While it wasn't the answer I hoped for I am glad it was acknowledged, which is more than enough to make me satisfied :twilightsmile:

For your convenience Geo,I'll leave the cutscene :twilightblush:
SOTN is a really fun game and I think you should give it a try whenever you get the chance

2456537 A catfight between Rarity and Applejack? I'll bet my bits that in R63! Equestria, Barbara and Jane are doing the same thing while watching Elusive and Applejack dogfight... I think.

On that note, who do you hate more? Prince Blueballs? Or Flash Sentry?

PS. I said Blueballs. I actually hate Blueblood more than I dislike Sentry. And I'm turning 21 in three weeks! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

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