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  • 300 weeks

    I am writing. I took the morning off because I can. And now I'm writing because my youngest is asleep. I have a proof reader...anyone want to be a joke tester? (It's a real thing)

    It come with a fancy title.

    No you can't be a TITS

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  • 301 weeks
    Next chapter

    Ever wonder how I write my chapters?
    Well here is I start....spoilers (duh)

    Main point of this chapter: explain how Twilight lost her throne and why the gov is being rewritten.

    Have Discord and Twilight heading to breakfast <Discord tries to embarrass Twilight but make a point that she is still angry with him and ignore him for it> and start up the backflash at the table.

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  • 384 weeks
    I'm not dead!

    Well not yet.

    Sorry for such a long hiatus. As most of you may recall I had the good fortune of a new born baby boy. So my source of attention, I mean my outlet for creativity had to take a back burner while I took care of the chaos that is family. Things have calmed down a little so I'm writing again and hopefully have something posted soon.

    I haven't even started the new season....

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  • 412 weeks

    So I am writing but I somehow roped myself into writing 3 chapters at once and helping another writer make hers better. Now I have a lot done but I want to apologize for the Halloween special. It's still on and its good...its just not done. I might have it up at on 11/07/2014. If not, there this a huge load of new materials coming into my lap that need to be cataloged and I'll be backed up for

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  • 413 weeks
    New Twicord Group

    So a few people got together and wanted to breath some life into this subject group. So they dragged me along kicking and screaming (I dived head first). I have to admit the other group kind of died down. Hopefully this one will be a lot more organized, fun and full of topics to argue over (I'll make sure of that). I'm going to make weekly topic discussions and monthly contest.

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Confused · 6:55am Sep 13th, 2014

I am currently watching Pulp fiction and MLP at the same time. My morality right now is feeling a little bipolar.

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"If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions." -Jules

You don't frighten me, just make me question how much oxygen your brain receives per minute.:moustache:

Dude. Just watch Mulholland Dr. You will braindead.

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