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Stripe Like Zecora Day · 11:00pm Sep 4th, 2014

Science with ponies is the game I play,
And today it is 'Type Like Zecora day',
So I can't resist the silly new game,
To write a short post with this curious aim.

I think the time is surely ripe,
To look at the root of a zebra stripe,
Why did these equines evolve just so,
With black and white streaks from head to toe?

A camouflage trick? Set to confuse,
Their predators by the dazzling views,
A fair guess, but it seems not quite right,
As those glistening stripes look awfully bright.

And other quadrupeds choose to wear,
Coats of a much less dramatic flare,
So does this unique body-art,
Let zebras tell each other apart?
Or give a way to regulate body heat,
So the African sun does not roast their meat?
Or is this dazzling guise,
A trick to deter biting flies?

This insect theory is supported,
By a recent study reported,
But other researchers have some doubt,
So overall the jury's still out.

And solving the zebra fashion mystery,
Will need further research into natural history.

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Comments ( 3 )

I...that was a beautiful thing. *applauds*

An excellent poem on zebra coat hues.
I applaud you, my friend, and also your muse.

You write like Zecora well,
as Zecora can tell.

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