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  • 420 weeks
    *Headbobbing intensifies.*

    The Kill la Kill credits song always brings a smile to my face, i needed that....

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  • 420 weeks
    *grunting noises*

    How is it possible for my mom to stay drunk a whole day?????

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  • 420 weeks

    Why do i feel so fucking empty. I don't want to do anything and everything seems so grey. I'm gonna go CRAZY if i don't find anything to keep me distracted.

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  • 421 weeks
    Anyone got a list?

    Me and my boi want to play something together, but we are dumbasses so we don't have any ideas......so i ask you! Bring me a list of your favorrite co-op games adn leave 'em in the comments.

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  • 422 weeks
    Story (maybe)

    I'm thinking about making a PAYDAY 2 crossover.....

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Why · 10:05am Sep 4th, 2014

Why do i feel so fucking empty. I don't want to do anything and everything seems so grey. I'm gonna go CRAZY if i don't find anything to keep me distracted.

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you've just burnt yourself out a little that's all

get away from the internet for a while, go for some long walks in a park or something, take a break and have a mini holiday, watch some comedy, eat your favorite foods, listen to some music, just kick back and relax for a couple of days and recharge your batteries

2426973 I guess you're right, thanks, i needed that. :twilightsheepish:

you are most welcome my friend :twilightsmile:

Hmmm... now this might sound like the wrong way of going about improving your mood, but have you tried doing or watching something that makes you angry? First become angry, then let off some steam to get a feeling of relief, then do something that you enjoy since you're already in an upward climb on the emotional ladder.

Uh, my suggestion is probably really really bad.

Oh wait, what exactly is making you feel so gray about the world? If you can do some small thing towards solving or containing that thing, then maybe you'll feel better. If you're feeling exhausted about how bitchy one particular person is at the office, then maybe you should bring donuts to work so you can strengthen your bond with everybody else (thus minimizing the impact that Whiny McNagington has on you).

2428733 I've just gotten an all around feeling of no purpose. And just the thought of it infuriates me, i constantly want to throw up because i'm so nervous of not getting that feeling again.

2428912 Okay, so it sounds like "Having no purpose" is what's making you feel bad. It's impossible to be alive and not have a purpose. The secret to finding out your purpose in life is finding out what makes you happy and doing that.

Here, take a few days to mull over these questions and answer them to the best of your ability:

- What natural gifts do I have? These gifts were not taught to me by my parents or through school, they are skills or interests that I brought to the people I know.

- What was something I fantasized about when I was a child? Specifically, what feeling was associated with me in that fantasy? For example, I may have daydreamed about being an astronaut and the feeling that came with it was "praise." If so, I might feel fulfilled if I got recognition from others in my life.

- What are 5 aspects of my life that I value most? An ability? A person in my life? A personality quark of mine?

- What do I think I want to do, not what other people say I should want to do?

Oh, and you don't have to share those answers with me or anyone else. They're for your own benefit and I'm not going to grade you on them like a teacher. Besides, censorship happens when you expect that others will view and judge your work. And censorship doesn't benefit you.

Except when it does. Be careful what you say in front of police officers. They... they can come down on you like the thumb of God.

2428999 You sound like you speak from experience, if so i hope those officers have been let go since they couldn't fulfill their duty. And thanks for the advice.

2429044 Yeah... when a cop pulls you over and asks "Is there anything in your car I should know about" never answer with "No, but if you find some, I'll split it with you."

Bad things happen.

2429053 Bun, why would you say that in the first place.....

2429061 fucking, christ.....

2429062 Yes, my glorious son?

2429065 No not really. I've never taken recreational drugs or abused prescription pills, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't even drink carbonated soda. I don't even have any piercings or tattoos.

In reality, I'm a very bland person. You'd be bored to death if you met me in person.

2429073 My internet personality is the best abridgment of my real personality. So, if you met me in person, you might still recognize little nuggets of "ObeyBunny" in me... but it'd be in between long segments of me sitting politely with my hands folded in my lap and me not being able to make direct eye contact during conversation.

At least one classmate in college asked me if I was Mormon or devoutly religious. The answer was "no," but I could easily see how they thought that.

2429077 Wait, you do that too?

2429080 Sit with my hands folded? Yeah, since I was a little girl. I don't think I did it under the age of 4, but certainly from 5 onward. I was raised to be polite. I got along better with adults than with children my own age. If I could hazard a guess, my internet personality is all the childishness that I've been suppressing.

2429082 I still supress my childishness.

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